Successful Kickstarters: The Garlic Shaker

 Garlic Shaker Kickstarter

Garlic Shaker Kickstarter

How did this project come about?

Have you ever heard people say they started their business on a cocktail napkin?

Well, ours started during a conversation on a fishing boat, and the planning began in a tequila bar at port. We believe Garlic Shaker® is a great idea, and a great product, that has a great a story that started it all.

Garlic Shaker® began during the greatest fishing trip of our lives. We fondly refer to that weekend as the “catching trip” because we caught so many fish we could hardly eat them all (in case you are wondering, we managed). Adam said, “I’ve got this exciting idea for a device that can peel garlic quickly.” The response was enthusiastic as the boat motored back to port, “if you know an easy way to peel garlic cloves, we are all ears!” We had wished so many times for an easy solution to peeling garlic that our enthusiasm was immediate.

Upon our return, Adam sent us a video demonstrating how to peel garlic with the device. Needless to say, we were blown away! The holy grail of easy peel garlic had just been solved in a mere 30 seconds! We couldn’t believe he’d figured out how to peel garlic so fast. We were truly in awe! A garlic peeling session would never again be such a slow painful task. And so the journey to create the Garlic Shaker® began!

We knew we couldn’t keep it a secret! There were too many garlic lovers suffering from the sorrows of hand peeling garlic to keep it to ourselves. So we decided to share Garlic Shaker® with everyone. We hope it makes life just a little bit easier.

We believe the Garlic Shaker® is a great idea, that became a great product, and from those humble beginnings, we hope to be a great company that solves the problem of peeling garlic for everyone!

 the garlic shaker

the garlic shaker

How did you develop/manufacture the product?

Eric Fairbanks is an industrial designer and product designer with over 10 years’ experience that designed the Garlic Shaker. He says about his process designing the Garlic Shaker, “The beauty of the Garlic Shaker is in its simplicity. I really wanted to celebrate this simplicity with the clean lines and elegant form you see in the finished product.”

Eric is an integral design team member for consumer brand Oakley. He is lead designer for startups; Kor Water, VARO Baseball, and Garlic Shaker. He recently received INC. Magazine’s “Best in Class” design award for his work on the KOR Nava hydration vessel. For seven years, he’s taught product development and 3D Cad at the collegiate level.

Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign. Did anything surprise you? 

We were very surprised to hit our goal in the first 48 hours. That was really exciting for us. If we had it to do over again we would simplify our reward levels. A $1, an Early Bird Special, $25 reward, $50 reward, and $100 reward are all that you need. At least in the beginning it is better to start with just a few rewards. You can add more later on in the campaign if it is necessary. You can see that we did far too many rewards levels here:

How did you create the video for your Kickstarter campaign?

We worked with Blair Robb who over the past 10 years has worked as a photographer and videographer. He has generated a successful body of work in fine art photography. His background in portrait, fashion, lifestyle, and landscape photography were all very helpful in getting the look and feel we wanted. We wrote our own script. That took a long time.

Can you share tips for those considering crowd funding their project?

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything,” Dwight Eisenhower once said. It has proven absolutely true. We plan everything, but we are constantly adapting our plan to new information and data as we learn it. Also, simplify! We have a tendency to over engineer and strive for perfection. But “perfection is the enemy of opportunity,” as Mark Cuban so aptly stated on Shark Tank. We have had to learn that the hard way at times.

What’s next for Garlic Shaker?

Our Kickstarter campaign end on September21st 2015. We intend to be selling on our web site at: immediately after the campaign ends.

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