Garage Society partners with Asia’s most advanced jobs board to revolutionize online recruitment platforms

[28 February 2017, HONG KONG] Garage Society, a leading contemporary co-work operator headquartered in Hong Kong and with locations throughout Asia, has partnered with and invested in Asia’s most advanced jobs board Jobable to create a recruitment platform unlike any other.

Garage Jobs, the startup-focused recruitment platform, boasts a first-of-its-kind algorithm- based scoring system which accurately pairs qualified candidates with the right positions, thereby benefiting employers and employees alike. Garage Capital Partners, the investment arm of Garage Society, has participated in the recent round of fundraising of Jobable and sees this as a strategic investment to enhance service offering to its members.

“We are very excited to be partnering up with Jobable to offer the most efficient recruitment platform for startups and SMEs in Asia,” says Elaine Tsung, Founder of Garage Society. “As a regional co-working platform, we believe in offering more than just great workspaces. Talent is the key to success in any business, and startups and SMEs can definitely benefit from this platform. By bringing Garagers from all offline locations to an online platform, we hope to nurture growth and collaboration within our community. Offering recruitment services and job placements is just the beginning.”

Garage Society’s partnership with Jobable complements its existing initiatives to facilitate growth in their community. One such initiative is the Cadet Programme, which screens and places interns in member companies – inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial minds; another is Garage Academy, a knowledge-sharing platform that helps members expand their skillset and network through a wide range of informative talks, practical workshops, and social events. With Garage Jobs, member companies – especially startups – can now easily access the best and like-minded talents in the city and use platforms such as Garage Academy to inform, connect, and inspire them.

The benefits of Garage Jobs extend beyond Garage Society’s community as the platform is open to all jobseekers and employers across the city. Intent on facilitating collaboration and growth not only within their community but also that of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, the co-work operator proactively approaches and invests in startups that can do so.

To learn more about Garage Jobs and experience the revolutionized process of online recruitment, please visit

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