Game-changing Transportation App Launched in Fourth Most Populous Country with Government Support

BajaiApp celebrates its 60,000th download in 6 months after its launching in just one city of the 4th most populous country in the world. The app serves a city which spends millions of dollars on approximately 22 million rides a day. People in the Indonesian capital city are highly mobile and an iconic CNG powered vehicle called “Bajai” stands out among all those in the transportation ecosystem. Pronounced “Bah-Jai,” this unique and iconic mode of transportation is popular amongst locals and tourists. It moves people from offices to many popular centers, and serves university students, foreigners, and everyone who needs a “quick ride”. These “auto rickshaws” also deliver bulky goods and move large items around town conveniently.
BajaiApp co-founder and CEO Feryanto Njomin explained the beauty of his app is that it “supports the drivers”. His goals are unlike the western disruptor: Uber. While he says he believes that his app has the same potential to change the transportation market, BajaiApp has a completely different approach. Njomin adds, “Uber is the 800 pound gorilla that has flattened out the trail for companies like us. What they neglected to realize is that while they are disrupting the “old way” of finding transportation for a passenger, they are also threatening the livelihoods of those honest and hard working drivers. Those guys have to make a living!”

Witono, a Bajai driver, wakes up earlier than most of the people to support his family. He works 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to just make ends meet. He rents the “Bajai” from a company and then scours the city in the “old fashioned way” to find customers from 6 am to 9 pm to cover his rental costs and eke out a little income for his household expenses. However, with BajaiApp, he’s been able to find more customers at a quicker pace, raising his ability to take care of his family.

Njomin noticed this inefficiency in recent years and built a team in 2015 that has been rapidly solving this problem. The transportation app was the first to obtain a legal permit from the government and is still today the only “legal transportation app” in Indonesia. Due to the app’s mission, the drivers also have become incredibly loyal to BajaiApp. In a recent protest, BajaiApp was the only app supported by the drivers in Jakarta.

Njomin’s team has been working on additional features to leverage the power of BajaiApp. They empower BajaiApp with a logistics option and the local currency credit system. BajaiApp collaborates with gas stations and local vendors so the drivers and customers can use BajaiApp to purchase gas or basic necessities. In addition, with BajaiApp, Bajai drivers can also deliver small to large quantities of goods to the customers. BajaiApp is currently being integrated with the daily lives of the millions of Indonesians with more advanced features to come soon.

BajaiApp is a revolutionary new Smartphone app which connects riders to Bajai Drivers in the most efficient way possible. It provides consumers a safe, reliable and convenient solution for their local transportation needs. The app available at App store and Google play has already been downloaded 60,000 times in 6 months and is growing organically every month. BajaiApp is the top & only legal auto rickshaw app in the 4th most populous country in the world.





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