Future of Work in Hong Kong: Nearly 9 in 10 People Want Option To Set Their Own Hours At Work

New research commissioned by Deliveroo reveals that Hong Kong workers are balancing multiple responsibilities and want more flexibility at work 

Hong Kong, November 29, 2018 – 87% of Hong Kongers say it’s important to have the choice to set their own working hours and nearly half (45%) say their choice of work would be influenced by other commitments such as caring for family, pursuing a hobby or studying; this according to a new survey from leading food delivery service Deliveroo.

The survey was commissioned by delivery service experts Deliveroo and carried out by YouGov, a global public opinion and data company. Interviewing over 1,000 people in Hong Kong about their attitudes to work, the research reveals that Hong Kong people value on-the-job flexibility and control over their working hours.

Key findings for Hong Kong include:

  • Nearly 9 in 10 respondents (87%) said the ability to choose their own working hours was important, with around one-quarter (24%) classifying this as very important

  • Almost half (45%) said a job fitting in with other life commitments such as family or study would influence them choosing that position

  • Over half (55%) of respondents say having a good work-life balance was a priority when considering their ideal job

  • Nearly three quarters (80%) of people who have or are currently undertaking further education, such as university classes, have also held down a part-time or full-time job at the same time; however,

  • Less than a fifth (19%) were able to find work that fit around their studies

“This survey is an impressive indication that Hong Kongers are balancing a number of responsibilities and looking for better ways to get it all done,” said Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong. “As demand for flexible work continues to soar, we are pleased to be at the forefront of this trend, offering Deliveroo riders the chance to work flexibly, setting their own work patterns. Riders can choose when, where and whether to work, so that they can balance well-paid work with study, family care and hobbies.”

The growing interest in on-the-job flexibility in Hong Kong is reflective of a global movement towards more freelance and part-time work – the so-called “gig economy”. The ability to take on flexible, well-paid gig work has been largely supported by the rise of mobile technology; and indeed, Deliveroo’s survey found that 68% of Hong Kongers feel technology has unlocked more, different types of work; with another 40% saying technology is creating opportunities for people who would otherwise be unemployed.

Brian Lo added, “Deliveroo is driven by technology, so we’ve seen first-hand the effects that this can have on getting meals to hungry customers sooner, supporting our partner restaurants’ profits and helping our riders increase their earnings. It’s our pleasure to be a pioneer in Hong Kong in offering this new and exciting way of working, going far beyond the 9-5 office grind, and we are now on the lookout for more amazing people to join in!”

Deliveroo has experienced rapid growth in Hong Kong in 2018, increasing its fleet of riders by 20% in the last six months, with 10% of its regular weekly riders being under the age of 20. With further expansion coming in the months ahead, Deliveroo is now looking for more riders and walkers to join the company and enjoy its well-paid, secure, flexible work that can be combined with other responsibilities such as studying.

In addition, Deliveroo recently unveiled a completely free, first-of-its-kind insurance package for all on-demand, self-employed Deliveroo riders in Hong Kong and worldwide. Deliveroo worked with leading global insurers to tailor policies to meet the needs of riders. In Hong Kong, all Deliveroo riders will be automatically enrolled onto a personal injury policy from leading insurance provider Marsh; whether on bicycles, scooters or making deliveries by foot.

Current riders and walkers who successfully refer someone new to Deliveroo in Hong Kong will receive up to HK$1,500 and new joiners who get referred will receive up to HK$1,000. To apply for a position, please visit deliveroo.hk/en/apply.

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