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By Magnus Grimeland| Antler is a startup generator focused on investing in people, rather than in ideas or specific categories of products and services. To that effect, we are industry agnostic and believe in empowering people who have the right skillset, drive and tenacity by giving them the support they need.

Many talented people want to start their own company, but too few pursue their dreams. Sometimes it’s a lack of a partner who shares a vision and has complementary skill sets, other times it’s a lack of funding and network. With Antler, we want to fix that.

We connect passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, help them find the right Co-founder, and give them access to a network of relevant business and academic experts worldwide. We provide funding from day one to support Founders in building the businesses they will own and run. Specifically, businesses that positively impact local, national and global economies.

The rise of mobile penetration and affluence in the region – coupled with the successes of predecessors such as Go-Jek, Grab, Alibaba, Lazada, Zalora and Traveloka – adds to the strong potential for the region to build deep technology companies. At the same time, Southeast Asia grapples with challenges like underdeveloped infrastructure and logistics, and this is where entrepreneurs can step in to fill the gaps and solve real problems on the ground.

Despite having only launched recently, we received an overwhelming number of applications and our first cohort is made up of talented individuals from 23 countries, including Hong Kong.

In the next two years, we hope to support 100-150 innovative technology companies out of Southeast Asia. We want to see the Founders we’ve recruited build successful technology businesses in the region and through that, positively impact economies. There are plans to expand across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific, and to replicate our business model in different markets.

With a founding team of individuals who have all been in startup shoes and have succeeded many times over, we are dedicated to supporting some of the world’s best talent in becoming great Founders of great companies.

About The AuthorAs CEO and Founder of startup generator Antler, Magnus Grimeland leads a global team dedicated to creating a global innovation platform for entrepreneurship. With over a decade of experience, Magnus is most prominently known for co-founding, where he was responsible for strategic market initiatives and improving the business across SE Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania.

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