FindDoc Expands Footprint to Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Local Health Ecosystem

Engaging new partners to provide a variety of healthcare options for Hong Kongers Hong Kong – April 19, 2017 – FindDoc, the comprehensive healthcare information platform which provides users with more convenience and flexibility to gain professional medical information, today took the first step in bringing innovative technology to a 2,500 year old practice in Chinese history. FindDoc has inked a new partnership with Hong Kong’s leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manufacturer and healthcare provider Wai Yuen Tong to bring more healthcare options to Hong Kongers. Since mid-February, FindDoc users have been able to book appointments for Wai Yuen Tong TCM physicians in 16 locations through the mobile app.

Forward-thinking approach to traditional Chinese medicine

Those seeking TCM treatments have been on the rise, along with the number of TCM practitioners. Contrary to common belief, Chinese medicine treatments have been favored by younger age groups, particularly with 15-34 year olds, according to the Thematic Household Survey Report by the Census and Statistics Department. From January 2013 to October 2015, persons who had consulted practitioners of Chinese medicine during the 30 days before enumeration in the 15-24 age group increased by 85%, while the 25-34 age group increased by 89%. In addition, Hong Kongers in general who have consulted practitioners of Chinese medicine also increased from 11.1% in January 2013 to 17.7% in October 2015. This demonstrates demand for improved methods to book and manage appointments for busy and digital-savvy patients.

“FindDoc is pleased that with this new booking function, we are able to bring a more forward thinking and modernized approach to traditional Chinese medicine. With just a few steps, users can make an appointment within seconds for their healthcare needs. Since the partnership began with Wai Yuen Tong, bookings from the FindDoc app saw an increase of more than 46%. We are encouraged and committed to leveraging technology to satisfy the growing needs and demands of Hong Kongers by bringing more partners from leading medical chains and clinics on board this year,” said Ivan Ng, CEO and Founder of FindDoc.

Vivian Tang, Business Development Manager of Wai Yuen Tong also added, “with the largest network of in-store TCM physician services in Hong Kong, we always strive to provide the best to our clients by embracing new research and technology to our hundred-year-old brand. Therefore, our partnership with FindDoc is definitely a new milestone in the TCM market and we hope more Hong Kong people can be benefit from our leading healthcare services with a few swipes and taps.”

Accelerating access to wider variety of healthcare options for Hong Kongers

As its footprint across the healthcare ecosystem expands, FindDoc grants accelerated access to a variety of healthcare practitioners to Hong Kongers, empowering them with information and options to suit their lifestyle and preferences. At the same time, FindDocTV, which offers viewers credible educational videos that provided by medical professionals, will also bolster its content library to include more medical professionals, such as TCM practitioners, doctors, nutritionists, and specialists to make healthcare knowledge and information more accessible to the public for illness prevention and to ensure that they can make informed decisions on available treatments.

FindDoc currently has more than 330 clinics on its mobile app available for booking, including general practitioners and Chinese medicine practitioners. Since its launch in early November 2016, accumulated downloads of the FindDoc app had increased by 85%, and have facilitated more than 5000 bookings.

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For more information, please visit The FindDoc app is available for download for iOS and Android users.

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Founded in 2012, FindDoc is a comprehensive healthcare information platform. With over 6,000 doctors listed on the website and mobile application, FindDoc offers the most up-to-date information on doctors and clinics. We also produce educational videos via FindDocTV, which offers viewers credible educational videos that provided by medical professionals, empowering them to gain greater knowledge towards ailments and seek medical help early. As of now, we are working with over 100 medical practitioners and you can find more than 400 of our videos on our website, YouTube and iQiyi.

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