Everything you need to know about the EYE Program

Google and The Chinese University of Hong Kong have joined forced to launch of “Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program (EYE Program)” a one-year program aiming to empower young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. The program commences with a sponsored trip for outstanding participants to Google headquarters in Mountain View, U.S. to meet and connect with experts in the global community.

 What’s the criteria for applying to the EYE program?

  1. A Hong Kong resident with a Hong Kong Identity Card who primarily lives, works and/or studies full-time in Hong Kong
  2. Between the ages of 18-35
  3. Aspiring to start his/ her business in Hong Kong, or has started the Hong Kong based business within 5 years

What does the program entail?

  • Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurial TrainingFrom February to April/ May, 2014
  • Mentorship: From May to October/ November, 2014

Where is the program at today?

The EYE program has received an impressive 904 applications, out of which 20 groups have been selected to go into the next round. The next round of elimination will be on September 14, where 4-5 final teams will be selected. On October 19th, the winning teams will take a trip to Silicon Valley to present their ideas and meet the local startup community.

EYE program 20 teams

The EYE program has conducted a survey of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Hong Kong. What are the Key Findings?

Based on responses from the 612 surveyed entrepreneurs, a typical Hong Kong entrepreneur is:

  • Male (72%)
  • Most likely between 21 to 25 years old (38%)
  • Holds a B.A. (58%) from a local university (83%)

Key Findings EYE program (pdf) Full report can be found here.

EYE Program

Above: Dominic Allon (Managing Director of Google), Charlene of Mustard Workshop, Daniel of CashYou, and CUHK Professor Kevin Yuk-fai Au




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