Eat Smart: Grazing Launches Hong Kong’s First Online Store for Edible Insects


Packed with protein and easy on the environment, edible insects are among the world’s most sustainable sources of food.


Hong Kong, 31st October 2019 Grazing, a Hong Kong-based food importer and distributor, is pleased to introduce Hong Kong’s first online retailer devoted to insect-based delicacies that are good for you – and the planet! Founded by Lucie Somé, Nicolas Somé and Kevin Lesage, Grazing offers everything from premium cricket flour to honey, pasta, protein bars, and more.


Drawing from their complementary backgrounds in the F&B and business strategy, the trio came up with the idea after noticing a growing demand for nutritious, sustainable sources of protein that don’t sacrifice on flavour. “We realised that restaurants, food suppliers and customers are all constantly looking for innovative and sustainable food sources,” explained Lucie Some. “That’s why we decided to specialise in edible insect snacks and ingredients.”


Lucie first learned about entomophagy – the practice of eating insects – from her father, who fondly recalled snacking on tasty bugs while he was growing up in a village in the land-locked country of Burkina Faso, in West Africa. “My father used to eat insects with his siblings because they are a great source of protein,” she recalls. “These days, there are many modern, sophisticated ways to consume insects – we are convinced that this is the future.”


Grazing has arrived at just the right time. The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 and the necessary increase in food production will put unsustainable pressure on the environment. If agricultural methods and eating habits do not change, the world will see devastating scarcity of land, water and resources.


Edible insects pose an eco-friendly solution – compared with beef, they emit 80 times less methane than cows and require significantly less land and water to cultivate. Plus, they’re healthier too: Insects are full of protein, vitamins and amino acids while low in fats and sugars.


Now available in Hong Kong, Grazing’s online shop caters to both everyday customers and professional food services with its wide array of premium delicacies, which include insect-infused energy bars, flours, powders, cricket granola, pasta, and honey – all healthier alternatives to conventional counterparts. Bugsolutely’s delicious Cricket Pasta, for instance, contains 40% more protein, 10-15% fewer carbohydrates and two times more fibre than wheat-based pasta.




With more than 2,000 types of edible insects available today, Grazing carefully sources its products from the most premium and trustworthy producers worldwide. All their suppliers rely on organic, quality-tested ingredients, while farming their insects in highly specialized facilities.


“Edible insects are a real long-term solution for feeding everyone on the planet with a lower impact on the environment than cattle, pork, lamb and chicken,” Lucie says. “We believe that reinventing our sources of protein is an investment in ourselves and the future.”


Taste the Future!


To celebrate the launch of Grazing’s online marketplace for edible insect products, we invite media friends to trial our service with a special 10% discount code [GrazingJumpInsects]. Here’s how it works: Browse our online shop order something new, and enjoy convenient home delivery. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share your creation!


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