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“Dream Impact” New Initiative: Promoting Corporate Social Partnership and Impact Investment

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“Dream Impact” New Initiative:
Promoting Corporate Social Partnership and Impact Investment
Matching Social Start-Ups with Professional Consultancy and Support Services

(Press Release – 15 November 2019) Social impact investment is becoming more prominent in Hong Kong as social innovation and social start-ups are rapidly growing. In response to the trend, local social innovation hub Dream Impact has launched “Dream Impact 2.0 (DI 2.0)”, a new strategy that matches existing members with established corporations and investors, hoping to support their business growth, for greater synergy and collective social impact.

Dream Impact is now recruiting innovative and scalable social start-ups to join their growing community, and inviting companies to join as strategic partners that are passionate about supporting social innovation products/services.

Strategic Partnerships to Support the DI 2.0 Impact Community, Partnerships and Investment
Dream Impact has announced its new development plan (DI 2.0) at their relaunch and celebration event on 8 November 2019. Apart from offering affordable work and event space to socially-minded entrepreneurs and event hosts (80% of market rates), from 2020 Dream Impact will work together with 7 Strategic Partners, to build members’ capacity for corporate partnerships and impact investment as well as provide all-rounded business support services.

Ms Dorothy Lam, Co-Founder of Dream Impact remarked at the event that it is Dream Impact’s mission to nurture social startups and innovation as well as to support dedicated social entrepreneurs to unleash their potential and pursue their dreams. The idea of “Dream Impact 2.0” is to attract more empathetic, ambitious and action-driven entrepreneurs to the platform where they can access a range of high-end services that would help their growth, development and scale. “Members are not only a tenant here, but a ‘partner’ of ours. We realise that many social start-ups may not have a commercial background and may need stronger support in strategy, branding, business development, advisory in funds etc. We hope to address their needs by providing a one-stop service at Dream Impact to grow their businesses, thus to grow their impact. When needed, we will even get involved and tackle the challenges together.

What Are Dream Impact 2.0 Offering
 Strategic Partnerships to promote Corporate Social Partnership and Impact Investing: Dream Impact has lately formed strategy partnership with seven professional consultancies (see Annex 1) to provide its members with professional services such as market research, social impact assessment and financing assessment.
 Referral to Business Support Service: Dream Impact has also partnered with service providers (see Annex 2) of brand building, marketing and online promotion service which members can make use of to develop their business.

“Individual dreams, Collective impact. We are bringing change-makers together to make greater social impact,” said Ms Lam. Dream Impact positions itself as a social innovation hub for various stakeholders including social innovators, social startups, universities and established corporations. It gathers social entrepreneurs who share a common vision and support them to pursue their business as needed for various phases. Its goal is to facilitate its partners to exert profound influence on the society, and in the long-term build an ecosystem in favour of creating social impact through entrepreneurship.

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Dream Impact
Dream Impact is a hub where responsible and purpose-driven businesses grow. Started off as a commercial warehouse, in 2017 father Mr. YS Lam and daughter Dorothy Lam began to envision in turning this space for greater impact, by attracting innovators, entrepreneurs and creators. We bring together and support individuals who are pursuing their social innovation dreams, hoping to create synergy and collective impact on society.

To date, Dream Impact has 16 Resident Partners and 49 Non-Resident Partners that work on various social causes including education, sustainability, active aging, fair trade, wellness etc. Since its inauguration, Dream Impact has housed more than 2,000 events organised by some 70 social enterprises and NGOs.

Address: Unit C, 4/F, 760 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok
(Lai Chi Kok MTR station Entrance/Exit B1)
Phone: (852) 3107 4315 Email:
Facebook: dreamimpacthk IG : dreamimpacthk

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