Vincent Ng


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Founder, 1+1=11 Productions

A pioneer creative agency specializing in experience design, content curation, and top to bottom event execution

Vincent is Founder of 1+1, a pioneer creative agency specializing in experience design, content curation, and top to bottom event execution.

Think of us as a feast for hungry, insatiable minds with a very low tolerance for creative apathy. TED meets an experience designer. We don’t just stand still and wait for ideas to come. We chase the questions that people are not asking with a fierce appetite of intellectual curiosity, teasing the boundaries of conventional thinking. We are also expanding The Go Game ( in Asia, an immersive-gamification team-building experience.

Our clients crosscut industries from technology & fashion to media and insurance and include companies such as Google, AXA, JOYCE Boutique, and TEDx.

As an experienced Project Lead & Business Development Professional, Vincent has spearheaded initiatives ranging that cross cut technology, entertainment, and design; theater & video production; travel & hospitality, and non-profit management & entrepreneurship. After graduating from Dartmouth with a major in psychology, he started his career as an educator in public and international schools, covering the developmental spectrum from pre-school to high school before joining the founding team of Teach For China in 2008.

After establishing the infrastructure of both the US & China recruitment programs, he then transitioned to exploring the intersection between experiential travel & education, consulting on franchise strategy and serving as Acting Hotel Manager for the Linden Centre, China's number #1 rated boutique hotel on TripAdvisor in 2010 before relocating back to Hong Kong.

He also serves as Curator of TEDxWanChai, one of the most established TEDx programs in Hong Kong and believes passionately that we all have a role to play in not only empowering people to find solutions to their own problems while embracing the challenges of an ever-increasing complex world. Oh ... and his favorite spread on toast is vegemite.

Website: 1+1=11 Productions