DiDi Updates Lost & Found Guidelines

DiDi Updates Lost & Found Guidelines
Nearly 100,000 Lost Items Are Recovered Every Month

[Beijing-June 11, 2019] DiDi today began a public consultation period on proposed updates to its Lost & Found Guidelines in China. Upon the completion of the consultation process, these guidelines will be applied across China in the following months on DiDi’s Express, Premier and Luxe services.

The proposed updates include specific recommendations such as:
• The passenger is encouraged to coordinate a mutually convenient time and place to meet for the return of an item found by a driver or fellow passenger, and offer to pay the finder a reasonable compensation fee for their time and travel.
• Finders should contact the passenger immediately when they find a lost item and assist in the return of the item; they should notify DiDi’s customer service if they can’t reach the passenger.
• In the event both parties are unable to agree upon an arrangement to return a lost item, the driver should send it to a police station within 48-hours after contacting the passenger.
• A driver who is responsible for the loss or damage of an item shall pay appropriate compensation.

DiDi delivers over 10 billion trips every year across China. Every single month, nearly 100,000 items are found by the company’s L&F team, including phones, wallets, and keys, as well as the occasional basket of crayfish and doctoral dissertation. DiDi has introduced a number of measures and online techniques to facilitate the search process. These include:
• Creating a dedicated L&F team supported by data analysts;
• Using a virtual number that passengers and drivers can use to contact each other for up to 24-hours after the trip has been completed, without disclosing private phone numbers; and
• Developing a 3-party-call function that allows customer service representatives, passengers and drivers to converse for quick fact-finding and follow-up.

Since these tools were introduced in 2016, DiDi’s L&F success rate has increased from 38% to approximately 68%. In Q1 2019, DiDi helped passengers to look for 419,663 lost items in total. While better technology helps improve the recovery of lost belongings, the most important contributor is the kindness of ordinary DiDi drivers and other fellow passengers.

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