DiDi Pledges Strengthened Safety Management System In Response To Regulators’ Requirements

Below is the abridged statement by CHENG Wei, Founder and CEO of Didi Chuxing, in response to the conclusion of the inspection and review of the rideshare industry by Ministry of Transportation and other authorities on November 28, 2018

We appreciate the thorough and detailed inspection and review of the joint inspection group, and will start to implement the requirements of the joint inspection group for the orderly and healthy development of Didi and the industry.

  1. The Safety Committee, for which I am the responsible leader, will immediately organize studies of the results and rectification requirements by the joint inspection group and carry out in-depth and resolute implementation plans. Our safety rectification program will continue in the coming 6 months, and Hitch service will remain suspended indefinitely.

  2. We will uphold safety as our very lifeline. DiDi is committed to protect the safety of the life and property of our users, and cooperate with law enforcement to resolutely crack down on illegal crimes. We will implement the Safe Production Law and other policies and regulations, learn experience from traditional industry’s successful offline management, strengthen safety audits, organize offline inspections and driver interviews. We will continuously invest in safety products, improve the recording and video recording during the trip, one-tap police assistance, emergency contact, ride reminder for minors under 18 and other security measures. We will strengthen cooperation between police and enterprises, optimize the police clearance process, and strengthen emergency handling capabilities.

We will never neglect safety for any reason or excuse. Safety has always been the foundational value of transportation and it should be ours, too. Even if the industry might not be able to completely root out criminal behavior or accidents, we will try our upmost best to protect riders and drivers. We will be more open, transparent, and more pro-active in implementing safety standards. We call for regulators and the public to continue share your advice and criticism with us so that we as a community could explore a new safety management system for this nascent industry.

  1. We will implement a comprehensive program to fully comply with regulatory requirements for the ridesharing business. We will work out phased plans for each city in accordance with the requirements of authorities and the joint inspection group, including requirements for wheel width, emission, price for vehicles. We will actively organize trainings for drivers, and work with our partners to encourage and help drivers to acquire the necessary licenses. We shall update with the public our local compliance progresses. We look forward to help tens of millions of drivers to reach compliance goals and continue to work with us to meet the mobility demands of users and achieve sustainable long-term growth of the industry.

  2. We will fully embrace the responsibility for the industry and society. DiDi will be more open to cooperation, with the goal to promote healthy, orderly and sustainable development for the ridesharing industry. We will actively work with the traditional sectors to promote integrated development of the transportation ecosystem, provide safer, more convenient transportation services for people, and contribute to transportation technology innovation and employment stability.

As a young company, DiDi still needs to work on many shortcomings and imperfections that have brought the public great concern. We thank you for your understanding. DiDi is deeply grateful to the authorities for creating and enabling a robust regulatory environment to support the strong growth of ridesharing in China. We are equally grateful for the supervision and feedback from the public. The evolving transportation ecosystem in China calls for a generation of socially conscientious and responsible businesses. We are at the threshold of an era where for the first time in history, the internet takes part in large-scale transport of human lives to become part of the greater future transportation industry.  Safety will be at the very core of every detail of DiDi’s operations, and we ask you for your continuous supervision and support through our next stage of development.

Thank you.

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Protecting Your Every Ride


When you put your trust in us by becoming a DiDi rider or a DiDi driver, your safety is our utmost priority. Here are the evolving set of core safety measures and technologies that we selectively apply to different markets. Please make use of these tools to ensure every ride of yours and your loved ones is a carefree experience. 

DiDi Shares Safety Operations Progress over China’s National Day Holiday


  • In-vehicle conflicts decreased by 48% within a month

  • A special police response team is now able to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies within 10 minutes in accordance with the law

Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) today announced its safety operations progress during China’s National Day holiday (October 1-7). In response to advice from regulatory authorities and users’ expectations, DiDi established an emergency command team led by CEO Cheng Wei and President Jean Liu to ensure that all services were delivered smoothly and orderly over the holiday.

As part of our new safety operations practice, we put in place the following measures:

  1. Enhanced safety verification process for drivers

In addition to background check and driver/vehicle documentation verification, daily pre-service facial recognition and random in-service facial recognition checks have been conducted nationwide. DiDi is the first mobility platform to conduct daily facial recognition on a scale of tens of millions of drivers;

  1. New safety innovations

Since mid-September, DiDi’s in-app One-Tap Police Assistance feature has started to serve its 550 million passengers and 31 million drivers in China, making it the largest emergency help network function on a mobile transportation app. Over the holiday, 4.05 million users have set Emergency Contacts and 6.06 million have shared their itinerary;

  1. Reinforced customer service and safety response systems

During the holiday, DiDi customer service took a daily average of 1.76 million incoming user calls, helping an average of 5,000 passengers retrieve their lost items. The special 24/7 police response team, created at the end of September, is now able to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in accordance with the law within as fast as 10 minutes;

  1. In-trip audio recording to reduce conflicts and settle disputes

After pilot projects in Harbin, Xiamen and Baoding, In-Trip Audio Recording started trialing nationally in mid-September. Now covering over 90% of all trips, In-Trip Audio Recording has helped reduce in-vehicle conflicts by 48% within a month (conflicts per million trips dropped from 52.2 to 27.1) while ensuring user privacy protection;

  1. Public participation and consultation

Online and offline public consultations and face-to-face meetings led by DiDi’s management with members of the public are being rolled out nationwide, with the assistance of a Safety Committee that consists of external experts to help us further improve service and safety standards.

Click here to find out more about DiDi’s recent safety and operating measures in the Chinese mainland (in Chinese) or contact us for further information.

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