Deliveroo for Business Celebrates 2nd Birthday in Hong Kong with Revamped Services for Businesses and Hotels



(Hong Kong, 10 October 2018) – Winning over hungry office workers to achieve a sensational 75% year-on-year growth in Hong Kong, Deliveroo for Business is now being revamped to give business customers even more delectable benefits. Companies that sign up for an account with Deliveroo for Business between today and December 31, 2018, will get a special ‘new joiners treat’ to celebrate.

Deliveroo for Business provides bespoke food delivery services to over 7,000 corporate customers around the world, with office orders arriving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in as little as 15 minutes. Erasing the time and hassle of traditional workplace meal expensing, Deliveroo for Business lets workers make one-click meal payments using their set budget allowance, instead of saving and submitting a stack of receipts at the end of the month. Finance teams can view the office’s monthly mealtime spending in one single spreadsheet, rather than sorting through hundreds of expense forms.

Special catering orders are a cinch with Deliveroo for Business. A dedicated team is ready to assist with all kinds of events; from a simple internal lunch for 40 colleagues to a three-day convention with hundreds of guests. Either way, everyone will leave with a full and happy stomach.

Deliveroo for Businessis now being extended in Hong Kong to add a host of new features and services, offering even more chances for people to eat amazing food not just in their homes.  Deliveroo seeks to be the definitive food company, offering people food whenever and wherever they want it, and this is a vital part of the company achieving that vision.

New services which will be available for businesses in Hong Kong to take advantage of include:

  • Hotels: Deliveroo for Business offers a hotel room service so that hungry travelers can select whatever dishes take their fancy and place the order via the hotel, with food arriving in under 30 minutes. This is a fantastic opportunity for visitors to explore Hong Kong’s local culinary scene from the comfort of their hotel and gives business travelers another delicious option when they don’t have the time to run out and grab a bite to eat. Madera Groupin Hong Kong is already using the service, with a second-edition menu coming soon, and Deliveroo expects more hotels to come on board soon.

  • Events: Deliveroo for Business now offers catering services for large-scale events. In Hong Kong, the team has catered for 300-person breakfast conferences and most recently the ICON APAC Annual Conference at the Hyatt. Around the world, the team catered the largest drone racing championship in the world last August and will be catering their first wedding this December in London. Deliveroo for Business in Hong Kong is now taking bookings for catering Christmas parties.

  • Fruit Baskets & Snacks: Businesses will be able to use Deliveroo to arrange for regular deliveries of fruit and snacks to their offices, fueling workers with healthy foods.

Brian Lo, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “Deliveroo for Business is reinventing the way people interact with food at work, as more and more companies pinpoint food as a key retention tool in an increasingly competitive employment market. We’re delighted to bring even more great food to busy workers in Hong Kong, who are famous for eating lunch ‘al desko’. Our new range of services for hotels, events and more expands Deliveroo for Business even further to fuel more opportunities for businesses to give their best to employees, guests, and customers.”

Mr. Lucas Lai, Head of Madera Hospitality Management of Madera Group said, “As a hotel group with a reputation for offering guests a warm and caring stay, we understand the need to anticipate their desires and provide the utmost levels of comfort and convenience. Working with Deliveroo is a fantastic way to offer even more dining options to our guests, putting a world of yummy cuisine at their fingertips and providing an even better experience every time they stay with Madera.”

In Hong Kong, lunchtime orders are by far the most popular amongst business customers (70%), who order for team meals, lunchtime learning sessions, internal training and client meetings. Asset management companies, financial service firms, and international law firms account for the majority of business users. Business customers love to order from Chinese and Cantonese restaurants the most, with sushi, Vietnamese and healthy salads rounding out the top 10 cuisine preferences by spending. The legal profession eats the most healthily, with their top two most-ordered restaurant types being salad and vegetarian.

Deliveroo for Business launched in September 2016 following a huge trend of office workers ordering Deliveroo to their desks, tired by the same lackluster choices on offer for lunch. The launch also helped businesses who are looking for new ways to retain talent. Currently, the service is being used by 7,000 companies in 12 markets, including Hong Kong.

Prospective businesses and hotels in Hong Kong can email corporatehk@deliveroo.comto find out more details on how they can sign up to the service.

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