Dalton Learning Lab Offers First Code Academy Coding Courses At Cyberport

Hong Kong, 3 May 2018 | Dalton Learning Lab and First Code Academy are partnering to offer First Code Academy coding courses at Dalton Learning Lab’s 5,400 square foot facility located at the Cyberport.
Among newly available courses at the Dalton Learning Lab will be First Code Academy’s flagship courses like “Start from Scratch: Animations & Games” and brand new courses such as “Cubetto Holiday Camp: Investigate through Code” for students aged 4 and up. Both courses will be conducted in English and taught by world-class instructors from First Code Academy. Launching in Summer, these five-day holiday camps will be run in small-group settings of up to eight students per class in July to August.

With a focus on block-based coding, “Start from Scratch: Animations & Games” will teach children aged 7 to 8 fundamental coding skills and key computer science concepts using Scratch, a visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab.

In “Cubetto Holiday Camp: Investigate through Code”, students will develop critical thinking skills through using an innovative screenless platform to learn algorithmic thinking and problem-solving.

First Code Academy is a leading regional STEM education institute with a focus on progressive learning through a curriculum roadmap. Children from age 4 begin by developing core coding skills and computational thinking in project-based, small group classes. Students are also encouraged to develop soft skills provided with opportunities such as competing at MIT’s AppInventor Summit and speaking at TEDx and PyCon conferences.

The Dalton Learning Lab is a technology-focused STEAM learning centre located at the Cyberport. Set up by technology entrepreneur Yat Siu of Outblaze together with Peggy Yeoh and Eva To, two co-founders of Dalton School Hong Kong, the Lab addresses gaps in Hong Kong’s education system by providing a project-based lab environment where children can experiment and develop skills particularly relevant to the future. The Lab also develops technologies and solutions to help prepare children for the world of tomorrow.

Yat Siu, the CEO of Outblaze and co-founder of the Dalton Learning Lab, commented: “We are extremely pleased to supplement the Lab’s offering with the world-class coding courses of First Code Academy. Together we will prepare students for the future economy, which will be dominated by robots and AI and will require different skill-sets from those usually emphasized today.”

Michelle Sun, co-founder and CEO of First Code Academy, commented: “We are excited to expand our course offering to more students at Dalton Learning Lab’s world-class facility. With this partnership, we hope to continue to empower students as young as age 4 to create with technology and develop future-ready skills together.”

About Dalton Learning Lab

The Dalton Learning Lab is a joint venture between Outblaze and Peggy Yeoh and Eva To, two co-founders of Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK, a non-profit, child-centered, dual-language primary school integrating the heritage of Chinese culture with the progressive Dalton plan). Founded in 2017, the Dalton Learning Lab offers after-school educational courses in a variety of Science, Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) for children aged 4-13, with an emphasis on fostering divergent thinking and developing useful, future-ready skills applicable to the real world. Learn more at www.daltonlearninglab.com.

About First Code Academy

First Code Academy (FCA) is Asia’s leading K12 coding education institute that delivers online and offline coding courses through top-notch curriculum and MIT-certified teaching staff. Since launch in 2013, the team has taught over 10,000 students with projects-based, small group learning environments. The team is headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations in Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen and San Francisco. Their work has been featured on Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Forbes.3

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