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Crowdfunding Roundup in Hong Kong May 2016 Edition

Crowdfunding is a way for entrepreneurs to raise funds and build a community around their project or invention. Here is a roundup of the latest crowdfunding activity in Hong Kong. Like a project? Help spread the word and support local entrepreneurs.

Presti G1 – A Powerful Personal Fan

Car.Fan G1As Hong Kong braces for it’s hottest months, a product development company called Presti has designed a personal fan with heavy duty (quiet) motor fan that blows at least 2X harder than other same size fans. It can be used inside a vehicle, while camping or anytime a fan is needed and AC is not available. This campaign has already reached nearly 400% of it’s goal with backers all over the world, but none in Hong Kong.

Platform: Kickstarter. Deadline: May 31, 2016

The Thinnest Portable Charger – EASYCARD

Recent college graduates created a 2.8mm phone charging card which can fit inside your wallet (or phone case). A note from the founder “I am a Hong-Kong-er. I am a nerd. I am the founder of EASYCARD. I want to make the life a bit easy, the world a bit better. I like inventing different little things. I like sharing my creation to all. I don’t afraid of failure, but I always chase for success. I need your supports now.”

Platform: Indiegogo. Deadline: June 30

Crowdfunding to Support Artisans of Sri Lanka

Imagine losing everything you have and starting all over in a new city (with no help for medical or resettlement costs). This is the predicament many Sri Lanka’s face due to devastating floods and landslides that continue to wreak havoc on their island. A small community of women in the village of Uda Peradeniya – all of them tsunami survivors – are putting their lives back together, and providing healthcare and educational opportunities for their children, by hand-crafting and selling beautiful items made of recycled waste paper. You can help these artisan-entrepreneurs rebuild their life by supporting the creation of a safe, dry place to do their crafts.

Platform: Next Chapter. Deadline: June 10

Monsoon by Steve McCurry, Sri Lanka. Photo from Next Chapter.

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