Crowdfunding campaign buys private beach for the public In New Zealand


In New Zealand, 40,000 public donations helped the government buy the NZD 2 million Awaroa Inlet, which will be turned into a national park.
awaroaCrowdfunding has made projects big and small possible — the peer-to-peer financial model has broadened access to monetary support and enabled entrepreneurs to realize their aspirations. On the coast of the South Island of New Zealand, Awaroa Inlet is set to become the latest public beach, and it was all made possible through 40,000 public donations.

Previously owned by a private businessman, the half of a mile of beach front had been open to the public. Due to financial reasons, the owner put the beach up on the market, resulting in the public fearing that the next owner will not have the same open-access ethos. Local Duane Major began a campaign to crowdfund the purchase of the beach to ensure that it remains open to the public, and that the land will be protected from development. Raising NZD 1.7 million, the government subsidized NZD 254,000 to purchase the land.

Awaroa beach is now a part of the Abel Tasman National Park. What other local schemes can be crowdfunded in this way, ensuring that contributors benefit from the lasting result?


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