Crimson Youth Fund Launched For Students Making A Social Impact

Singapore, January 31st 2019 Global edutech company, Crimson Education, has launched the philanthropic Crimson Youth Fund, a global initiative established for young people aged 13 – 21 years old who are eager to make a positive impact on their community.

The Crimson Youth Fund offers up to $50,000 USD of funding spanning over 15 countries, with each individual event and project having the opportunity to receive up to $1,500 USD in funding. The Fund was first launched in Singapore at the Real-Life Conference on January 19.

Young minds contribute to some of the most impressive and innovative advancements in today’s society. Quek Xin Er, General Manager of Crimson Education Singapore, says students have the ability to inspire better connectivity, access to information and in turn, advancement within their communities.

“The Crimson Youth Fund is designed to support young people who lack funding, an established network, and valuable resources to make their idea a reality. These transformative projects deliver value to communities through the initiative and lens of local youths,” says Quek.

Crimson expects to see student-led and student-focused community events and projects that inspire their peers to pursue their passion in areas such as STEM, Leadership and Charity around the world including: app pitches, debating tournaments, athletics meets, charity fundraisers, student concerts and much more.

“It can be hard to get traction for an event or project when you haven’t yet made connections or have a strong network; that’s where Crimson comes into play, connecting students with the capital and support essential for leaving a lasting impact on their community.”

One such connection is the Real-Life Conference held in Singapore on January 19. 150 JC students and graduates will get to meet with four speakers who are youth leaders in Singapore and learn how to make the most of school life, outside of academics. This includes a sharing by speaker Amanda Chong, Singapore Youth Award winner and founder of ReadAble, a non-profit organisation that helps children from underprivileged backgrounds learn English.

CEO Jamie Beaton of New Zealand co-founded Crimson Education while in high school, growing a global tutor and mentor network beyond 2,300 team members as he completed a double-degree at Harvard University two years ahead of schedule. During his time at Harvard, he was able to turn his dream of helping international students find success at top US universities into a reality.

“Crimson has grown into a movement that functions as much more than finding a solution for students who want to attend a top US or UK university. It’s become a community brimming with mentors and brilliant students, working together to achieve success, whether it be an acceptance letter from a student’s dream university or a scholarship to play their favorite sport, Crimson takes a personalised approach to the student’s goals and dreams.”

Applications to fund initiatives are now open. To learn more about the Crimson Youth Fund click here.


Crimson Education,, offers sports scholarship consulting, academic, extracurricular and university admissions support from a team of tutors and mentors based at the most prestigious education institutions in the world. Crimson Education has offices in Australia, China, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

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