Creative Mornings: Feb 27 Event Recap

Creative MorningsWelcome to CreativeMornings Hong Kong! What started just four months ago is quickly becoming the most talked about monthly professional and social event in town. On February 13th, we had acclaimed environmentalist and journalist, Ms. Laurel Chor, give an impassioned presentation on the month’s global theme: Climate.
Laurel ChorLaurel‘s take on theme was all about the greener side of Hong Kong, with one key request to the audience: Go out, and explore the special region we call home! She shared a lot interesting facts many hadn’t known before. Such as, did you know Hong Kong contains…


  • 40% of land protected from development
  • 236 islands
  • More coral than in the entire Caribbean
  • One-third of all of China’s bird species
  • 55 species of mammals

All available seats were pre-reserved for the February event, with over 80 individuals attending. Here’s what some attendees had to say about the event:

“The presentation was amazing. I couldn’t believe the figure on how many islands make up Hong Kong! It’s my first time attending CreativeMornings, and I can’t wait for the future events.” Ms. Julia Washbourne, Founder of Bamboa

“Laurel was such an inspiring presenter. There was so much I learned from the presentation about Hong Kong. Stuff that I can apply to both my professional and personal life. I’m very glad I came, and will definitely keep attending.” Mr. Simon Fuller of video production agency 8-Five-Two

The March event will be on the theme Ink. Stay tuned for more information.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Summary by Amadou Doumbia

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