Cool business cards from around the world!

Traditional business cards around the world tend to be interchangeable. If you were to take away the address and contact details, chances are that you would have no idea which country it originated from. However, originality knows no borders, and designers throughout the world have turned innovative and creative business cards into an art form.
By remembering that your business card creates a physical bond between you and your customers can help alleviate the inclination of the entrepreneur to cut back on the monetary outlay. By taking that leap and investing extra money in the design and manufacture of your card, you and your business will benefit for years to come!

Allow yourself to be inspired!

The Get-fit cards

The fitness industry is renowned as being cutthroat, and these personal trainers have certainly chosen creative ways to make an impact!


Get fit cards

The Multipurpose cards

These cards undoubtedly have the wow-factor. Unique, yet practical for the recipient, these cards will not be ending up in the trash!


Useful cards


The Clever cards

Although appearing quite traditional in form and size, these cards have been created to make you look a little bit closer. Whether they be playing up to their reputation, or just adding that different edge, these cards stand out for all the right reasons.


Clever cards

The Doctor cards

Far from being staid and traditional, these doctors have taken their fields of speciality, and turned them into some quirky cards!


Medical cards


The Odd-shaped cards

 Design geniuses have come up with numerous ways of creating cards that are either easily aligned to their respective industries, or stand out due to their distinctive shape. Whilst standing out, one does have to wonder though how practical it would be to store in your Rolodex!


Odd shaped cards

The Interactive business cards

These cards you just can’t wait to get your hands on! Designed to engage the recipient fully, the card transforms into a 3D model that usually ties into the business. Whilst not the most practical of cards to keep, the fact that the recipient interacts with the card for much longer than a standard card, certainly adds enormous value.


Interactive cards


No matter which industry you are from, or how limited your budget, breaking away from the traditional black and white business card is a no-brainer if you want your business to stand out!

RosAbout the Author: Rosalyn Smith is a South African based consultant who specializes in social media, copywriting, and  project management.  Her happy place, however, is storytelling.


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