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By Bay McLaughlin| Brinc Invests in and helps to build connected hardware companies from around the world. Best known for our accelerator programs, we look for Founders who want to solve problems that pertain to How We Feel, Where We Live, What We Eat, and How We Move.

The future of the world needs help and we believe that by connecting the world, we can solve our most pressing issues. You’ll see that our investments are both diverse in their geographic origin, as well as the areas of our lives that they address.

We are excited to also bring these new investments to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area to ensure they get the world’s best resources to build their IoT and Drone businesses quickly. This Spring 2018 cohort adds 10 new investments to our growing family of founders and we are committed to bringing more than 30 more in the next year to the region.

Brinc is more than an accelerator, offering education, community, and tools to early-stage IoT and Hardware Founders from around the world, as well as a customized support service for anyone who wants to make their physical products in China. We simply believe that physical innovation should be easier and will continue to connect, accelerate, make, and grow new companies in the years to come.

Please reach out if you believe in our mission!

Brinc By The Numbers
• Total investments = 40
• Teams from 70 countries apply for Brinc investment, and 6 continents and 22 countries are represented in the portfolio
• Portfolio major industry breakdown: 33% Health/MedTech, 26% Drones, 13% AgTech, 8% AutoTech
• Capital Raised by teams post program: US$22 million
• Brinc products ship to 40+ countries around the world
• Brinc offices: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Barcelona, Bahrain, Tel Aviv (more coming in 2018)

Brinc’s Hong Kong Spring 2018 Cohort

EmotAI: Bio-signal tracking and training platform that increases focus and critical thinking skills for eGamers to help them perform better.

Empirical Automation: Industrial robots powered by artificial intelligence to increase affordability of physical automation in research and manufacturing.

Hudlog: Augmented reality, heads-up display technologies to increase awareness of critical attention points on the road, ultimately savin

Revsmart: Smart communications wearable that helps motorcyclists access communication, navigation and music safely using bone conduction technology.

Watr: An environmental sensing platform for continuous water quality monitoring to help make the most of the water that we have left on Earth, even where no Internet is available.

Drone Entry: Online social platform for drone pilots to manage their profiles, missions flown and skills achieved that pairs with a marketplace for people needing a drone pilot for hire.

Korma Vision: handheld, affordable hybrid spectrometer powered by AI that generates a unique fingerprint for every material you scan.

Habibi Garden: Precision agriculture devices for farmers that process environmental and local data and optimize fertilizer and water schedules to optimize crop yields.

Sky Browse: Autonomous drone platform that investigates car accidents by providing live aerial data and 3D models to protect police and first responders lives and decrease traffic globally.

GeoMeo: Mesh enabled, wireless nodes that connect the unconnected in remote villages and power healthcare, education and security with modular software and services.

About The Author
Bay McLaughlin, aka BetaBay, is a Co-Founder of Brinc and their COO. Bay is an active investor with 50+ portfolio companies, sits on the board of four companies, writes a weekly column for Forbes called This Week in China Tech, and is a professional speaker and KOL for Huawei and Insta360.


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