Saturday, May 30, 2020

Co-Working Space Champions

Co Working Space Champions

By : Kelly Cho


Greenhouse co-founders Drew Calin and Vicknesh R. Pillay met in business school and found that they were both enamored with the co-working movement. They were also passionate about market mobility, especially within Southeast Asia (SEA), so they decided to combine the two and create one solution for brands entering and scaling within these markets.  


As a social impact-driven co-working space, Greenhouse runs several environmentally-conscious initiatives, including having a zero-waste policy providing locally-sourced vegetarian snacks in the pantry, and planting a tree for every member. They also frequently host sustainability-driven events.


However, promoting sustainability in fast-growth markets is not always easy. Greenhouse faced many challenges when trying to segregate and recycle their waste. Additionally, the healthy food they provide is not always well-received. Nevertheless, Greenhouse continues to push for environmental awareness and education among their members and the wider community. 


Shortly after opening their first location in Jakarta, Calin and Pillay launched the Greenhouse Booster Program to connect members with relevant and qualified business providers. The program covers everything from legal services to accounting, pitch deck reviews, customer relationship management, and more. 


Greenhouse aspires to expand across SEA in the coming years, as they plan to open locations in the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Simultaneously, the company has started looking into other emerging markets, including South America and Africa. 


Looking to the future, the founders will continue to strive for creating social impact in every market they operate, and ultimately, become a global company. –KC

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