ClickSUMO Launches A New Messaging Platform

Hong Kong based messaging provider clickSUMO has announced this week the launch of its new portal, a new platform in the cloud designed to serve the messaging needs of social networks, Apps developers, banks and financial services, airlines, booking sites and any organizations sending SMS to interact with their customers, whether for transaction purposes (PIN, balance) or marketing promotions.
In a price sensitive market, clickSUMO opted for an aggressive pricing strategy with a particular focus on Asia, where it offers a free setup, a flexible Pay As You Go model, and some of the lowest bulk SMS pricing with direct connections to operators across the region.




While Person-to-Person (P2P) SMS messaging is on the decline, overshadowed by Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber and other OTT messaging services providers offering data-based Peer2Peer interaction, the Application-2-Person (A2P) messaging channel is booming and shows no sign of slowing down with revenues reaching $70bn and trillions of messages sent per year.
A2P SMS is used to reach mobile users anywhere, without the need to know their phone model or operating system, and without the need for them to download any Apps, as the SMS inbox is present in every phone.

“SMS gets a higher response rate than any other media type, and remains the ideal tool for notifications, reminders, alerts, reservations, logistics, as well as a cost-effective way to promote a product, a service, or increase brand recognition.”  says Philippe Joly, co-founder of clickSUMO.

In addition to SMS, the clickSUMO platform offers a new innovative service called HLR Lookup, a service that allows checking mobile numbers with a central register in order to know if a number is still active, is being ported to another operator or is currently roaming abroad. With this information, businesses can target mobile subscribers a lot more efficiently and reduce considerably the cost associated with keeping an unhealthy database of inactive numbers.

“With a marginal cost, our HLR lookup service can make a real difference to organizations with large databases of numbers accumulated over the years.” continues Joly.

The launch of the new portal follows the announcement by clickSUMO during the GSMA Mobile World Congress this summer in Shanghai, that it was upscaling its infrastructure in an attempt to shake the current A2P messaging landscape cluttered by poor quality SMS gateways and service providers. The clickSUMO team aims at offering not only low-cost SMS but also the speed, and highly reliable connectivity and delivery, that companies expect nowadays, especially for transactional messages.

For more information about clickSUMO and its messaging platform, visit

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