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Snacks Taken to the Next Level! Rolls Out the Newest Snack Subscription Service

Original, Healthy, Delicious, Nutritious and Fun All in ONE Box

Hong Kong

NEWS RELEASE (Februrary 22, 2016-Hong Kong)

Chewswize (, launches a new snack subscription service by offering five portion controlled, nature-based snacks sent to a ChewsWizer’s (subscribers’) office or home each week. Coming off a highly successful Beta test, this service launches in Hong Kong today.

Shifting the “snacking culture” to the next level, all snacks are developed in-house and packaged in Hong Kong, with no more than 250 calories per daily pack, you will receive natural, wholesome and guilt-free snacks without worrying about anything being artificial or containing palm oil. ChewsWize also provides kid friendly nut-free options that are suitable to bring to school. Keeping one eye on reducing the sugar content, while upping the fibre, yet still provide delicious treats not found in convenience stores or supermarkets.

“We are proud to say this is a Hong Kong company with international characteristics, our team is a diverse representation of Hong Konger’s who are passionate about smart snacking” says CEO & Co-Founder Jerry McLean. “Asia has been crying out for smartly thought out snacks that provide the right balance of treat, nutrition and indulgence without it being a chemical cocktail of nasties-the default option until recently”.

“We are excited by the response during our BETA test both by individuals and offices who want to fuel their staff smartly. Plus, busy parents who don’t have the time to find the ideal nut-free smart snacks conforming to strict school guidelines. We have an exciting snack launch offering, with even more to come! The busy Hong Konger will quickly understand that our snacks provide an original, fun and affordable experience”.

For $88HKD including delivery, ChewsWizers are able to order online at and have their snacks delivered to their chosen address in a convenient sized pack that fits in their mailbox, with no need for a signature. With over 38 snacks to choose from and 3 box types (“Original”, “Skinny”-less than 150 calories per snack pack and “Kidz”-nut-free snacks), and more on their way, ChewsWizers, can rate and select packs that suit many tastes and diet preferences.

“We are constantly developing new snack combinations. When we launch, there are 38 combinations ready to go. Within the next 6 months, we will be introducing another 40 or so varieties, so there will be something for everyone! We also have exciting plans around deconstructing the foods we all know and love, but you’ll need to subscribe to discover more!! Healthy snacking does not need to taste badly and definitely does not need to be boring. We want to help everyone be smarter with how they snack and…chews – wiser” Says Mr. McLean.

The packaging has also been carefully designed and thought through, from a glue free recycled paper box that is bio-degradable to 100% recyclable PET plastic.

Technology is at the centre of the business, the “Smart BEEHIVE” system (the brain trust of the business), records thousands of ratings of snacks, which then determines the right mix of snacks selected for a ChewsWizer’s box each week. As part of the selection process it also reflects preferences, order history, likes and dislikes.

Ultimately, the “Smart BEEHIVE” selects a box that ensures the ChewsWizer gets the snacks they like, more of the time.

The HQ is in the upcoming district of Wong Chuk Hang on the South Side of HK island and also has a dedicated secret food production and innovation hub within Wong Chuk Hang also. was launched by co-Founders Jerry McLean, Josefina Bergsten and Clarissa Becker. Working with local Nutritionists and Health Professionals to ensure snacks are optimized for health input while minimizing the calorie count.   This ultimately will provide the busy individual, (office workers, parents and their children, with innovative and smarter snacks, that fix the problem of pre-packaged bags of nuts and sugar laden cookies. Full nutritional data is provided inside the boxes and online.

ChewsWize has just completed its seed round and is now looking to begin its Series A investor round.



For further questions, please feel free to contact:

Jerry McLean

CEO & Co-Founder

Tel 81971032


Kit Ha

Head of Marketing


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