Thursday, June 4, 2020

Chapter 05: 5 Effective Calls-to-Action For Your Landing Page


By Felix Wong | When was the last time you subscribed to an email newsletter? Joined the waiting list for a new product? Downloaded a new application? All of these actions were likely driven by an irresistible call-to-action (CTA).


What is a call-to-action?


A call-to-action is an important part of landing pages, blogs, and advertisements. Having the right CTA will guide your potential customers to further action. A well-designed CTA consists of many elements, including copywriting, color contrast, action-driven phrases, conversion goals, and more.


You can start getting quality leads by integrating a compelling CTA into a well-designed landing page. Here are five standout call-to-action examples from successful companies that you can emulate, and use to inspire the way you grow your audience.


1. Campaign Monitor: Sign up


A free trial is commonly used in many SaaS products and is designed to give your audience an enticing offer. This is a strategy that offers better conversion for higher-level customers.


Campaign Monitor is a major player in email marketing and customer engagement. Their landing pages effectively showcase well-known examples. They used sharp, vivid color contrasts to attract visual attention. The eye-catching light blue “Sign up for free” and neighboring “Watch the demo” CTA buttons successfully stand out from the other elements of the page. The tagline and small description create a very easy-to-read action guide that you want to click on.


image 2


2. Product Habits: Downloadable freebies


Offering downloadable freebies is very useful for growing and segmenting specific email lists. This is also a great way to demonstrate your knowledge in a certain domain, which often helps to build up the credibility of your products.


This CTA is also known as a lead magnet. You may want to quickly add subscribers in a short amount of time by giving away useful e-books, templates, or newsletter content. Product Habits subtly uses color contrasts, an eye-catching slogan, and a testimonial from a successful startup CEO. The “Get the ebook” button is straightforward and appealing to subscribers. The slogans include actionable phrases such as “Better” and “Faster” to make it easier for viewers to understand the value proposition.

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image 3


3. Overflow: Early Access


For many startups, picking the right launch date is always tricky due to the possibility of obstacles to development, marketing, and so on. However, the pre-launch period can also be used to your advantage. Companies like Overflow have cleverly provoked a pre-launch buzz in the design community.


Thanks to many pre-launch teasers and roadshows, Overflow has received a lot of good feedback and engagement by leveraging early access on its landing page. Do this when you have clear product features, lots of content, demos, and FAQs to support early access registration. Consider offering discounts to attract more subscribers.


image 4


4. SendGrid: Social Proof


“Is this for me?” 


If your user asks this question, you may need to provide more of an explanation of the product, or showcase your customer portfolio. SendGrid is a one-stop email marketing system that integrates social proof into its CTA.


This is the right approach if you want to get your audience excited about being in a ‘family’ of other successful users. Take advantage of the benefits of displaying logos and key user metrics. You may or may not need a CTA button, but taking SendGrid’s example, you can make your description clickable as a proxy for a traditional CTA.


image 5


5. Behance: Pop-up


This is a pop-up CTA that makes signup effective on Behance. After several surfing sessions on Behance’s interface, the pop-up jumps from the bottom right corner to convert new users.


Unlike many distracting page pop-ups, this design lets you focus on reading landing pages. The CTA and slogans are simple. It also provides a variety of registration options in a small pop-up card. You can find many integrations that allow you to build a small pop-up card quickly without any code.


image 6


Ready to try it out?


You’re all set to create a stylish CTA for your next landing page. After reading all of these examples, make sure you are taking advantage of them to enhance conversions, sign ups, and downloads. And don’t forget–find ways to measure success, and modify the design from time to time. Remember all of that, and your CTA will be truly irresistible. 

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