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Chapter 01: 3 Essential Components of a Landing Page That You Can’t Miss!

Essential Components of a Landing Page That You Can't Miss!

By Felix Wong | Landing pages are often used as marketing tools to help non-technical business units produce effective results. There are tools like Unbounce, Instapage, and Landen that you can use to rapidly build attractive landing pages. If every component on your landing page is optimized, you can provide a great user experience. “Don’t let users think” is my motto when it comes to digital design. Make every piece of information vital and straightforward. Regardless of the information and size of your landing page, you should always take three essential components seriously: headings, features, and the call-to-action (CTA).



First impressions matter. Visitors often exit the landing page within 20 seconds, but well-designed websites with clear headers are capable of attracting and holding visitors’ attention. Careful selection of images, headlines, colors, and the call-to-action can enhance the overall user experience. When dealing with content, try to avoid technical jargon or buzzwords: emphasize clearly and concisely what your product will bring to visitors. The following examples serve to illustrate this point. 



Hotjar, a web application that analyzes visitors’ activity on a website, collects data and turns visitors into leads. The solution-oriented headline is just a simple sentence and is supported by a 2-line description that emphasizes the value proposition. Visitors only need to complete one action before trying the product, and the application trial is free. This page makes total sense, with an appealing color scheme and easy page navigation. Hotjar is also playing smart by using their clients’ logos and reputations to boost their credibility. 


Hotjar Landing Page Header 2

Hotjar Landing Page




To help companies manage social media accounts effectively, Buffer offers a comprehensive solution to make your life easier. This minimal header is an excellent example of keeping it light, reinforcing that you don’t need complicated information. A simple blue CTA button contrasts sharply with the white background to help draw all the attention to the middle. The headline and description are easy to read, and the illustration strongly conveys Hotjar’s mission of social media management. 


Buffer Landing Page

Buffer Landing Page




A landing page helps visitors understand how your product solves their problems and why they should decide to subscribe. Including a features section is a great way to convey a value proposition: point out the key advantages, high-level use cases, and product screenshots or a demo that can directly tell a compelling story.




Zapier is a software integration tool for SaaS heavy users, making our lives easier through action-triggered workflows. Users can build connections between applications in thousands of ways. In the features section of the landing page, there are three ‘how-to’ steps and use cases for simple, common software. Zapier has carefully selected Gmail, Dropbox, and Slack as examples. You will also notice that these descriptions are straightforward and easy to read, with a clean background and appropriate vector icons. 






Udacity, a leading online learning platform, offers mass open online courses curated by technology giants such as Google, AT&T, and Nvidia. In this section, you can see four scenarios and a description of the lifestyle of distance learning. This section provides visitors with the confidence that they can be flexible and enjoy a high quality of service.


Udacity Features

Udacity Features


Call-to-action (CTA)


It is crucial for a landing page to convert visitors into potential customers, whether you are building a waiting list, signing up for a newsletter, or selling goods. You need to ensure that the CTA is in the right place, with the right design and messaging.




Putting all the notes, tasks and brand assets together, Notion is a popular collaboration and productivity tool for task management and note-taking. The “team” element has been illustrated by a vector, title, and description. Email collection is the only step needed to get the product experience started. Blank space, typography, color, and position are well balanced and subtly direct your eyes to the middle of the screen, where you’re encouraged to proceed to the next step. 


Notion CTA

Notion CTA





Podia is a digital storefront that helps freelancers, entrepreneurs and creators sell online courses and membership without any coding. The call-to-action combines key features of the product with public testimonials (number of users), and a neat registration form. The use of the heart emoji adds a little fun and makes it seem more personal. Podia’s landing page and call-to-action is a good example of what to do when you want to put multiple messages together. 


Podia CTA

Podia CTA



Are you ready?


Studying great examples of landing pages and gaining insight into the ideas behind them can provide you with the inspiration you need to craft your own. Looking for more inspiration? Check out these: Landingfolio, Lapa Ninja, Httpster. I’ve designed a lot of landing pages, and each time I spend a day or two focusing on research and user experience critiques. Keep in mind that landing pages are different from websites, even though they have a lot in common. The landing page is a unique tool that helps the business to shine. The simpler and cleaner the landing page, the higher the chance that visitors will become customers.

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