Celebrate the Holiday Season in a Smarter Home with Ambi Climate

 Ambi Labs Climate

Ambi Labs Climate

Hong Kong, 19 October 2018 – Give the gift of a smarter home this holiday season with Ambi Climate, the revolutionary AI-powered smart air conditioner (AC) controller. Developed by Hong Kong-based IoT startup Ambi Labs, Ambi Climate is the perfect gift for anyone looking to upgrade to a more efficient, energy saving, integrated and intelligent home.

Compatible with any type of air conditioner with an LCD-screen remote controller, Ambi Climate learns from users’ feedback and auto-adjusts the AC to match their needs, with its cutting-edge machine learning AI algorithms and smart sensors factoring in temperature, humidity, sunlight, time of day and weather.

It is the AI-enhanced gift that keeps on giving: For caregivers, it can ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for children, pets and even plants to grow and thrive by regulating indoor temperature and humidity. For those craving a good night’s sleep, Ambi Climate automatically adjusts conditions throughout the night and can even consider changes in your metabolic cycle. For busy users who are often on the move, the new multi-user geolocation feature provides effortless flexibility, automatically switching your air conditioner to a specific mode of your choice upon departure or arrival – a feature which also allows multiple simultaneous users, ideal for families or households of two or more people. Now integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, Ambi Climate is also one of the best smart gadgets to gift the tech lover in your life. Finally, Ambi Climate helps users save up to 30% on electricity by continuously and efficiently auto-adjusting the AC.

Ambi Climate is now calling a special sale for early holiday shopping. On Singles Day, Ambi Climate units will be available for only US$99 (approximately HK$780) rather than the original US$129 (approximately HK$1,010) on the official website. This promotion will be available on November 11, 2018. The IoT startup is also offering a Black Friday week-long promotion, which will run from November 20, 2018, until November 25, 2018. During this period, units can be bought on the official website for US$99 as well.

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