Friday, June 5, 2020

Exploring new business models in the event planning industry   By Nayantara Bhat   Netflix changed the world in 2007 when it pivoted to an online model, offering

61% of responding startups are looking to scale down within the next six months, while 13% are looking at a complete shutdown   By Monika Ghosh   With

What Asia-based businesses should keep in mind when choosing startup names.   By Sharon Lewis   A startup’s name is usually the first, most basic level at which

Legal professionals' advice for venturing into the murky realm of SexTech   By Heung Kit Leslie Chung and Arthur Au   The fledgling field of sex-related technological development

Unusual partnerships could be the key to accelerated growth   By Blake Larson   Emerging markets in Asia are now experiencing a period of development like nothing we’ve

Hong Kong Fintech Week returned in 2019 with an action-packed and insightful program   By Nayantara Bhat   Hong Kong Fintech Week opened for its 2019 show on

How digital innovation made SWEAT into a fitness empire   By Min Chen   Anyone who has searched for fitness content online knows Kayla Itsines. In 2018, TIME

By Henry Chong |   You switch on the news, open a magazine, flip through Instagram, and it’s inevitable—you will come across the latest updates on

By Karen Reddington | Softening consumer demand in major economies and trade tensions have undoubtedly combined to weaken global growth. But that decline in

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