Thursday, June 4, 2020

The greatest barrier for people in terms of starting their own business is that they are never sure what to sell or what market

Dr. BJ Fogg from Stanford University (establishing authority here!) has a model for driving behavioral changes.    The Fogg Behavior Model   Under the Fogg model, for someone

By Felix Wong | When was the last time you subscribed to an email newsletter? Joined the waiting list for a new product? Downloaded

Robert Cialdini is a well known psychologist who wrote a book called Influence, in which he outlined 7 different principles of persuasion that can

By Felix Wong Creating a high converting landing page takes more than just aesthetic and design. Without a good user interface, your landing page will

Software startups have grown in number intensively for the past few years compared to hardware startups. There’s no easy way to scale a SaaS

Today, new business deals rarely root from random cold calls or accidental walk-ins; instead, you are more likely to start business deals with people

Why Vietnam is Asia’s startup ecosystem to watch   By Kevin Tung Nguyen | Vietnam’s startup ecosystem is still relatively new compared to other markets, yet

I get a lot of questions on how I manage to stay up to date on marketing and digital strategy. The answer is simple.

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