Sunday, August 9, 2020

By Deepa Kamath   Change and innovation are messy yet essential processes. But human beings psychologically crave the security of structure, which is where design thinking

Understanding the Bitcoin halving, the latest shift in the murky world of cryptocurrency   By Monika Ghosh   Table of Contents Introduction A brief history of halving Real-world

Getting your solutions adopted by corporates   By William Ross   Sun-dried startups, hung on the corporate procurement vine.    Despite the best efforts of many, procurement has all too

Startups can help right-skill the workforce for an impending ‘new normal’   By Sharon Lewis   Two decades ago, few people would consider working at a startup to

Slick designs and branding tools are a sign-up away with digitalized graphic design   By Sharon Lewis   Branding rules demand that businesses speak to audiences in their

Research-backed rules for a solid work-from-home policy   By Sharon Lewis   One of the first known uses of the term “digital nomad” was in a 1997 book

When in the wild, how does blockchain thrive?   By Kenneth Bok   The long-term utility of any technology is often measured by its essentiality, determined by the

Machines may be more intelligent than human beings, but that may not make them smarter.   By Sharon Lewis   One of the most photographed women at the

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