Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Find out what a startup down round means, how it works, and whether founders should be concerned about going through one   By Sharon Lewis   Raising a

Key takeaways from Innovate Finance's webinar 'How to Fundraise in Uncertain Times'   By Monika Ghosh   Fundraising is challenging for any startup even under normal economic conditions.

Optimizing this one-page document to provide the perfect sneak-peek of your startup.   By Tanisha Lele   A one-pager plays a crucial role in raising funds for any

This proven model may sound like old news, but here are the clear-cut benefits to consider before an upcoming fundraise.   By Tanisha Lele   Peer-to-peer fundraising, also

Everything you need to understand about Series A, B, C, D and E funding for startups   By Monika Ghosh   When it comes to startup funding, Series

Online accelerator programs to bolster your startup trajectory no matter where you are   By Sharon Lewis   Investments, mentorship, connections, and pitching opportunities–a startup accelerator brings all

No investor? No problem.   By Sharon Lewis   Getting funded can be an uphill task for a startup, particularly for those with physical products that require an

By Patrick Hogan   Small-business owners are said to be the lifeblood of economies around the globe. However, one out of five businesses fail in their

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