Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The most affordable smart stylus on the market   By Min Chen   Advancements


The $100 MBA Show’s host Omar Zenhom strives to defy traditional business education through his daily ten-minute podcasts addressing real problems entrepreneurs face, and

A longtime paragon for crowdfunding and hardware success in Hong Kong, Origami Labs announced a set of gesture-control features for its voice-powered smart ring,

  Almost everyone wants to better their  lifestyle, but making changes to diet and exercise is easier said than done. Many adults struggle to keep

The world’s first user-designed eyewear The eyewear industry is not as it would appear. Nine out of ten frames you reach for will be from

ORII is a smart ring that allows you to quickly send and receive audio messages or calls. What’s exciting about the device is that

When I came across Punch Detox earlier this year, I must admit that it was with a fair dose of skepticism towards juice cleanses