By Yoan Kamalski   We are in the midst of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to

Insurers need to evolve quickly to win   By Francesco Lagutaine   My son Viktor came home from school one day and told me an interesting fact: Not

Using lessons learned from the 2010s to predict the 2020s   By Leroy Yau   Another decade has come and gone. It’s undeniable that tech has shaped much

By Gina Kershaw   So, you've started your online business. You’re all in. You’ve looked at websites and products and all the other stuff you may

Relying on buzzwords is a risky strategy–but there are other ways to stand out   By Katherine Li   Think about your favorite pair of socks.   Do you have

Challenges and the road ahead   Supply chains in Asia are fast evolving into smarter, technology-driven systems for the dynamic healthcare industry. Now more than ever,

by Gloria So   If you’ve been in Hong Kong, you know how much of a struggle it has been going about daily life and business.

A simple guide for early-stage companies   By Roger Chen   Hong Kong has long been one of Asia’s major retail centers. Surprisingly, however, many Hong Kong retailers

How education will change during my career   By Andrew George   What I do as a teacher today will not resemble what I will do as

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