I never wanted to start my own business. I was never interested in marketing or business and preferred to hang out with the Development

Three years seems to be the magical number, if magical means cursed. It’s well-known as the point when 90% of startups close, but it’s

The Ugly Truth About Social Media Industry By Janice Chrysilla Surja | Social media naturally gets more vibrant when there

By Tracy Ho | THE STARTUP MOMENTUM in Hong Kong and Asia is ramping up. As more startup businesses flourish, more funding sources become available.

By Cal Wong | Blockchain companies have dazzled the mass markets with reports of mega-fundraising efforts. Uncertainty, volatility and infinite possibilities have fuelled the roughly 685

By Steve Safarowic |For all of the benefits that artificial intelligence will bring to make lives simpler and empower organizations, it also carries a

By Divya Samtani | These days, it can seem almost impossible to walk 10 feet without hearing the words digital, innovation, or transformation – often all

By Bay McLaughlin | When I moved to Asia in 2014 on a one-way ticket from San Francisco, I had a hunch that the future

By Magnus Grimeland| Antler is a startup generator focused on investing in people, rather than in ideas or specific