By Nelson Ng | The 21st century has brought about many digital enhancements, and the financial industries have reaped the benefits accordingly, with the advanced

Growth hacking has become the buzzword of the startup circles. After the market-product fit is established, growth is the true north of any startup.

Against a backdrop of struggling “first generation” online lending platforms such as Lending Club and Square, the emerging consensus amongst fintech commentators and players

Hong Kong FinTech development is almost three years in the making. When Accenture announced its local version of their Innovation Lab (their Application is

Hong Kong is cementing itself as not only a competitive locale for start-ups, but it’s paving a world leading platform for the FinTech community

Blockchain is a real time, encrypted distributed ledger, which can securely record transactions for a variety of financial assets, and as such, its potential

Banking online is thriving across China as Internet giants take the finance world by storm! But does it signal the end for traditional banks? Nicole

1. The Hong Kong market is tech-savvy “Hong Kong boasts a smartphone penetration of more than 87 percent,” says Angus Choi, CEO of JETCO. The

Asia’s financial technology startup space continues to heat up every year. A recent Accenture report shows that investments in FinTech across the Asia-Pacific region

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