Caption Contest #5 See the winning entry

Thanks to everyone who entered the Caption Contest #5. We received so many awesome entries! Scroll down to see the winning and notable entries. And stay tuned for the next caption contest in the mid-July issue of Jumpstart magazine (see page 29). To sponsor our next caption contest contact our team.

Caption Contest #5 in Jumpstart Magazine

Winning Entry:

“Cloud based computing 2.0” Alan Pun

Other Notable Entries:

“Let your idea fly.” Jimmy Ng

“Float to exit” Harry Yiu

“Mac out, peaaaaaaaace!” Evans Lam

“Let me get out of here!  I wanna run my own bot business.” Eric Lau

“The Heliscreen. #worstinventionever.” Jenni from Higgins and Higgins

 “When I said I wanted a more interactive desktop I didn’t mean literally!” Russell Trott

“i think it read my mind!” Taura Edgar

“Status update. My computer is like, literally levitating. Hashtag wtf!” Emma Kwan

“When you work so hard that your computer is gonna take a break #TGIF” Pui Weng Tou




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