Brinc raises $1.5M for new China focused Accelerator Training Business

Brinc has raised $1.5M USD in a pre-seed round for a new business spin out: Brinc Accelerator of Accelerators (Brinc AOA). Its focus is developing, and operating training programs around China for existing and new incubator, accelerator and investment companies. The goal in 2019 is to run 4 training programs educating over 100 accelerator programs.

Brinc has been piloting this project for the last 18 months and has already run 3 training programs in combination with various China government entities and trained over 75 incubator and accelerator programs. The Brinc team in China is now working with a number of those programs to improve their ability to operate programs, support their value adds to teams, and scale.

Brinc’s AOA business model is to provide fee-based training to incubators, accelerators, and investment companies then tie up longer term relationships through accelerator associations and obtain equity alignment with their startups and programs. Ultimately our goal is to help improve the quality of startups in China and to generate more opportunities for follow-on investment through future funds that are brought online and through syndication through China’s venture capital ecosystem, which is one of the fastest growing/largest in the world.

The China market is ripe for disruption with a unicorn born every 3.8 days. Just last year China produced 97 unicorns making it world’s second largest “incubator” for unicorns in 2018.

In 2018, Transportation & Space (12 unicorns on average) and AI & Robotics (7 unicorns on average) are the industries that generated the most unicorns. Additionally the rise of Retail & Consumer, Fintech, Education, Logistics, and Tourism were also noteworthy.

In terms of cities leading the creation: Beijing had 13 new unicorns with a total valuation of $37.16B USD. Followed by Shanghai and Hangzhou which produced 4 unicorns and 3 unicorns. Although there are only 2 unicorns in Guangzhou, the total valuation of the 2 companies was $5.7B USD which is higher than the total valuation of the 3 unicorns in Hangzhou.

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