Blue, Hong Kong’s First Digital Life Insurer Launched The City’s First Cognitive Ad Campaign By New Digital Noise 

Hong Kong, 7 November 2018 – A trailblazing brand meets cutting-edge technology. Blue, Hong Kong’s first digital life insurer, launched the city’s first cognitive ad campaign. The campaign achieved triple engagement compared to traditional banner ads and immediately boosted traffic to the insurer’s platform. 

Cognitive ad is an AI chatbot banner ad. It stores conversational data from user interactions and learns from the collected information to better improve its conversational abilities. It can help to verify each conversation is indeed responded by human rather than spambot. 

Conversational marketing is an innovative way to engage and learn about customers. It provides context and a clear picture of why a customer made a certain decision. Such information is much more valuable compared to traditional banner ads which measure by the number of clicks or impressions and don’t provide much consumer insight. New Digital Noise, a member of NDN Group founded by serial entrepreneur Andy Ann, is the mastermind behind this groundbreaking marketing technology.  

The cognitive ad campaign, Blue Guru, was launched on 5 October 2018 with three media partners,, WeChat and Hotmob Premium Network. Internet users can interact with the Blue Guru to seek advice regarding their career, life, health and relationship, with health questions being the most popular so far. Users will be awarded incentives such as a seven day free trial on music streaming platform JOOX if they leave their email. Data shows that on average, users interacted with the Blue Guru at least three times and redeemed awards twice. An impressive 1,200 emails were collected, 2,500 new followers were added across several social media platforms and all awards were redeemed within 24 hours from the cognitive ad launch.  

“Banner ads have been around for over 20 years. It was a useful tool to measure ROI. There is no major technological breakthrough since it’s launch. Not to mention, there are many ways to inflate the data,” said Paula Yang, General Manager of NDN Group, “playing the numbers game of clicks or impressions is no longer sufficient to win market share, especially in today’s economy with many new technologies emerging.” 

“Conversational Marketing is made available through artificial intelligence. It is a clever way to study performance and consumers. It can map out the entire thinking process and provide actionable insights. Thereby ensuring a better chance of cross-selling, up-selling and closing the sale. This will finally close the gap in digital marketing”, stated Andy Ann, CEO of NDN Group.  

If you want to learn more about cognitive ad, China marketing or digital marketing strategy, do get in touch with our team. At New Digital Noise, we are delighted to share our expertise and experience in the digital world. 

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