Tank Stream Labs & InQ Innovation Global Partner To Target India & The Middle East


  • Tank Stream Labs & InQ Innovation Global have entered a new and exciting partnership to provide Australia’s start-ups & scale-ups with the access to support, resources, launch pads and infrastructure in emerging global markets in India and the Middle-East.
  • Partnership is timely with the NSW Government recent funding announcements enabling NSW start-ups to travel to India to collaborate and build commercial connections.
  • Both partners agree to aid one another to connect start-up ecosystems physically and virtually by providing access to co-working space exchanges across India, UAE and Australia.
  • inQ Innovation Global and Tank Stream Labs recently hosted the Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner to India, John Madew in Sydney along with several startups looking expand and scale into the growing Indian market. (Photos attached)

Leading tech and co-working hub, Tank Stream Labs today announced it has joined forces with InQ Innovation Global to provide Australia’s start-ups with access to support, resources and infrastructure to scale up and expand into India and the Middle-East.

This partnership is timely with the NSW Government announcing a $1.58 million project enabling NSW start-ups to travel to India to collaborate and build commercial connections.

CEO of Tank Stream Labs, Brad Delamare said with trade between NSW and India reaching almost $4 billion last year, there is enormous potential for Australian start-ups to scale up quickly with the right support and resources.

“Tank Stream Labs and InQ Innovation will collaborate to provide Australia’s entrepreneurs, startups and thought leaders with a unique one-stop innovation ecosystem to incubate, scale and launch their projects globally.

“I am confident InQ Innovation will be the very partner to assist Australian entrepreneurs and startups to scale globally into these growing markets,” Brad Delamere said.

Both partners agree to aid one another to connect startup ecosystems physically and virtually by providing access to co-working space exchange across India, UAE and Australia, exclusive access to major startup events in these regions and regular exchange and collaboration channels for startups in these regions to engage and establish opportunities to grow and scale.

Co-Founder and Director of InQ Innovation Global, Irfan Malik said he believed this partnership with Tank Stream will add significant value to the startup eco-system here in Australia and will provide local startups a launch-pad and collaborative relationship with potential partners in India and UAE to test, validate and scale their solutions globally,” Mr Malik said.

“This partnership will also enable Australian startups across to connecting via digital online community platforms, webinars and other launch pad activities.

“InQ Innovation has a world-class facility in Kochi, Kerala for its global startups curated across Australia, India and the Middle-East. The hub will help facilitate international partnerships, launch activities and investors for early stage ventures.

Both Malik and Delamare believe the international synergies created by their new partnership will boost the startup ecosystem in Australia while supporting the global scaling aspirations of local startups and entrepreneurs.

About Tank Stream Labs: Established in 2012, Tank Stream Labs has rapidly distinguished itself as one of Australia’s top breeding grounds for successful technology entrepreneurs, thought leaders and early adopters. Approximately 100 companies call Tank Stream Labs home, including Equitise, StockSpot and Buzzfeed. Tank Stream Labs alumni include Airtasker, Expert360, LawPath, Braintree and SurveyMonkey.

Australian-based Tank Stream Labs companies have so far raised more than $300 million in funding. International companies with Australian subsidiaries based at Tank Stream Labs have raised more than $2 billion globally. In 2017, Tank Steam Labs won, the Best Co-Working Space in Australia by Fin-Tech Australia.

About InQ Innovation Global: inQ Innovation offers a one-stop global innovation eco-system involving incubators for startups, co-working spaces for early stage innovative companies and representative offices of Global Incubators & Education providers in India and the UAE.  InQ has set up and incubated several startups across Sydney, Dubai; Bangalore has now setup a world-class facility in Kochi, Kerala for its global startups curated across Australia, India and the Middle East.