Directory of Hong Kong's Accelerator & Incubator Programs


New accelerators and incubators have been launching like hotcakes in the last couple of years, the growth reflective of Hong Kong's startup ecosystem as a whole. Technology/AI/Robotics Accelerators

Ablaze is a 6-month program run by Ablaze Idea Lab in partnership with New Media Group that aims to nurture startups in the online media and consumer marketing segment. The program plans to invest HKD500,000+ in marketing and media exposure for each new startup, and introduce partnerships and connections to enable idea commercialisation. Co-working spaces will be provided, and startups will be able to access New Media's resources and facilities for editorial support and content creation.

AIA Accelerator is a 12-week programme with a dedicated full-time team. Up to 8 startups will be selected to come to Hong Kong to accelerate their health tech and/or wearable businesses. Successful applicants will gain mentorship from specialists in wearable healthcare, technology, go-to-market and startups provided by Nest, AIA, Amazon and Microsoft. Hot seating will be provided by Nest to startups who want to use the Nest eco-system in Central. Applications for next batch will open soon.

Blueprint (by Swire) is a B2B accelerator that accepts tech startups to join a six month program. Blueprint boasts a 10,000 sq ft space available for selected startups to use for free with no fees or equity.

Cyberport's Accelerator program is open to Cyberport existing or graduated incubatee or CCMF (Cyberport Micro Fund) grantee. A maximum of HK$300,000 will be given to each recipient in addition to other support services. Cyberport does not take equity from participants.

HKSTP Incu-App is a tailored 18-month incubation programme for web/mobile application technology startups. An applicant must be a Hong Kong registered technology start-up company established for no more than two years before the date of application. More info

HKSTP Incu-Bio is a 4-year biotechnology incubator for startups in therapeutics/personal care, chinese/herbal medicine, regenerative medicine, medical devices and diagnostics. More info

HKSTP Incu-Tech is a 3-year incubation program for startups in ICT, electronics, green tech, and material and precision engineering fields. More info

Sprinter is a 2-year program jointly launched by HKSTP, HSBC and HKBAN that aims to energise the local innovation and technology ecosystem and build Hong Kong as a technology hub in Asia Pacific. The program provides local technology companies with structured training, connects them with angel investors, and delivers angel conferences and luncheons to business angels and individuals.

Lenovo Accelerator launched in June 2016 will provide funding and business support to early-stage startups specializing in robotics, artificial intelligence and big data. 10 startups from Hong Kong and China will be picked for their three-month program, which includes “work space at Cyberport, professional mentoring, research and technology consulting, prototype production and roadshow support, among others.” Each startup will also get a seed funding of $100,000.

Venturetec Accelerator Program invests in scalable enterprise technology startups in Asia Pacific region. Successful teams will receive $75,000 seed funding in exchange for 10% equity; plus potential follow-on investment of up to $200,000 AUD – as well as connections, mentorship, startup training and support. They tout being the only accelerator program focused on enterprise technology startups in the Asia Pacific region.

Zeroth is accepting applications from artificial intelligence startups throughout Asia. They will offer mentorship and US$20,000 in capital to startups for 6 percent equity. The first program will be run from November 7 this year to February 17, 2017.

FinTech Accelerators

FinTech SuperCharger is a 12 week-program for FinTech startups and established companies sponsored by Standard Chartered, Baidu and Tuspark. FinTech SuperCharger has a designed structured curriculum assisting with company building, mentorship and advice in areas such as market entry, regulatory obligations and joint ventures opportunities. Entrepreneurs also get access to the SuperCharger’s extensive network of mentors and VC’s.

DBS Accelerator is a technology-focused accelerator with full-time, dedicated team. Up to 8 startups will be selected to come to Hong Kong to accelerate their FinTech businesses. Successful applicants will receive: mentorship from specialists in banking, technology and startups provided by DBS and NEST. They will also receive additional support from leading industry experts and dedicated workspace in Wan Chai. Startups will gain access to the DBS & NEST innovation ecosystems and opportunity to pitch at their demo day.

Fintech Innovation Lab is a 12-week mentorship program facilitated by Accenture. It's opened to startups around the world and focuses on early and growth-stage companies. Current participants include Bitspark, Ironfly Technologies, Uniken, Moroku, BondIT, Sparro and Sybenetix.

IoT Accelerator

Brinc offers a comprehensive program offers for hardware entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their ideas into a commercially successful IoT business. Apply here

INFINITI Accelerator is a 12-week program focused on Smart Cities/Internet of Things (IoT) businesses. Up to 8 startups will be selected to receive mentorship provided by INFINITI and Nest.  They are particularly interested in smart energy, green tech, smart grid, smart lighting, and waste management.

Wearable IoT World Labs is the world’s first accelerator focused on the Internet of Things, wearables, and emerging‐technology markets. Their 15‐week program provides promising entrepreneurs the tools, technology, network access, mentorship, and investment opportunities needed to take products and innovations to market. In 2016 they launched an IoT Superhighway Labs in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China that are focused on driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Apply here

Social / Green Accelerator Programs

SOW's i2i Program was launched in 2013 as Hong Kong's first social accelerator program sponsored by JP Morgan. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and accepted applicants will be grouped into the 3-month intensive program (Fall / Winter / Spring Cohorts) that best suits their needs.  Alumni include,, TimetoGrow and other startups. Application form.

So In So Good is a Social/Green Tech incubator is part of impact, a global network of social and green incubators in 12 countries. The first batch will begin in October 2016. The program is free of charge and zero equity is taken for the 12 selected startups. Apply by September 4, 2016.


Design Incubation Program (by Hong Kong Design Centre) nurtures startup companies in the design and creative fields over a two-year incubation period. The program offers office premises, financial assistance, business knowledge enrichment programmes, and mentorship consultation.

The Cage. In June of 2016, The Lane Crawford Joyce Group announced the launch of their accelerator program called The Cage. The Cage is a 12-week, full-time program which offers intensive mentorship to two start-ups developing technologies and/or services that apply to fashion and lifestyle retail, as it relates to their core businesses. The inaugural programme is kicking off in September 2016. Applications closed end of July.

The Mills Fabrica, a business incubator and springboard for startups in techstyle industry - the intersection of textile, fashion and technology. The 12-month incubation pilot program is accepting applications by August 25 2016. More info and pitch information.

SAAS Accelerator

The Amplifi Paperclip accelerator launched in August 2016 and is focused on B2B SaaS in verticals like banking & financial services, retail, logistics, healthcare, media etc and horizontals like IoT, AI, Hr, Marketing, Sales, etc. The 3 month program will select 3-5 Hong Kong startups for September 2016 cohort. Applications are accepted here.


Betatron is a non-vertical investment accelerator that aims to refine the business models of startups and position them to grow and scale over a 4-month period. Each startup will receive US$30,000 in funding, dedicated co-working spaces at the Betatron Lab, and guidance by successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Eureka Nova Incubation Program offers entrepreneurship enrichment workshops to foster the growth of incubatees by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate and run their newly established ventures. The program also offers networking opportunities, guidance from business founders, and workspaces.

Founder Institute is the world's premier startup launch program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program offers entrepreneurs with the structure, training, guidance, and global network needed to start an enduring company. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 60 countries, the Founder Institute's mission is to "Globalise Silicon Valley" and build sustainable startup ecosystems worldwide.

LimeHK is a 3-6 month tailored acceleration program that provides in-depth mentorship, business shaping, growth hacking and investment engineered for local startups. LimeHK aims to provide a personalised program for early and mature stage startups to learn, survive and raise seed funding for its development.

Scalabl Academy is a 2-month program that guides teams and entrepreneurs with an idea or ongoing project into the build-up or strengthening of a scalable company.