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InPixio offers the perfect solution for amateur photographers who'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars on professional-grade software. However, that doesn't mean you should expect to compromise on quality. Despite being free photo editing software, InPixio doesn't compromise of features or quality, and it's a whole lot easier to use

Access a Full Suite of Home Services Including Renovations and Moving on Singapore’s First One-Stop Property Solution Ohmyhome SINGAPORE, 14 August 2019 | Singapore’s First One-Stop Property Solution Ohmyhome announced the introduction of four new services on its PropTech platform today. The services include home renovation, moving, painting and handyman. With

GROUND Asia guidelines have been created to help tourists handle sensitive issues such as single-use plastics, photography, child safety, giving responsibly, and more Student travel company GROUND Asia has created responsible traveller training modules and made them free for anyone interested in travelling responsibly. The move means that not just students, teachers

Tuxera, the world-leading storage software and networking technology company, is proud to offer a way to finally add complete NTFS read and write capabilities to MacOS. No longer do you have to be limited to only being able to read drives. Now you can edit, copy, move, and delete those

Orion Platform-based Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 3.0 and SaaS-based SolarWinds Pingdom to provide robust monitoring capabilities and simplify troubleshooting Hong Kong – August 21, 2019 – SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced enhancements to its web performance monitoring products, including updates to both

Qoppa Software, a leading producer of PDF software, announces version 2019 of PDF Studio, their powerful, intuitive PDF Editor for Windows, macOS and Linux. This new version delivers integration with Docusign and Cloud Storage Services to help users manage, store and sign electronic documents, as well as user accessibility tools

In their bold new rebrand, FinTech Neat shifts away from its traditionally “tech” branding, to a distinctly editorial style – with the goal to demonstrate their dedication to the entrepreneurs they serve. Neat, a Hong Kong-based FinTech startup that offers multi-currency accounts for SMEs and startups, released their new brand last

Asia’s only business network for the fitness and wellness industry, FIT Summit, will connect business leaders from across Asia on 25 September at the Mira Hotel, Hong Kong. The exclusive thought leadership and business development conference will bring together 225 leaders from fitness and wellness brands to meet one another and

BY : Nayantara Bhat   Understanding the specialized and high-tech field of meteorological technology   Anyone who’s ever made weekend plans that depend on good weather knows that forecasting is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s comforting to not be entirely blind to meteorological changes, it’s often the case that forecasts are

Revamping Retail

By : Khadija Azhar   Smart Retail incubator Eureka Nova wants to reinvent the consumer experience   The future of consumerism and retail is often imagined as a world where our needs are anticipated and met, customized to suit our exact preferences. This vision means more than online shopping: think stores with curated sounds

Global Sources Startup Launchpad

By : Nayantara Bhat   April 18-21, 2019   AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong   Startup Launchpad held its Spring 2019 show from April 18 to 21. As always, the exhibition took over the sprawling AsiaWorld Expo complex in Hong Kong, filling up with buyers and retailers of hardware and business-to-business (B2B) products.    Organized by B2B marketplace and

Running a Company the Estonian Way

By : Arnaud Castaignet   Fuelled by the rising middle class and flourishing tech sector, Southeast Asia’s (SEA) startup scene is on the cusp of a significant economic boom, transitioning from a regional market with the promise to become the world’s next major commercial hub. This acceleration of the startup scene can

By : Min Chen   The origins of aromatherapy trace back to several ancient cultures, including China, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. But the practice, defined as using plant oils to improve one’s mental or physical well-being, is experiencing a surge in popularity that goes beyond the confines of alternative healing practitioners.    At

By : Jared Haw   Choosing a manufacturing partner is a dilemma with no right answer. With so many factors to consider, such as development steps, scheduling, and investment, there is no yellow brick road to follow.    The good news is that sourcing a supplier in China has never been easier. This is

  IWG Accelerating Growth in APAC through Franchising and Multiple-Brands -‘No18’ and ‘Signature by Regus’ brands arrive in APAC in 2019-   • IWG’s franchising roll-out expected to deliver thousands of flexible workplaces to the towns and cities of APAC. • IWG now offers more than 700 locations in APAC through its various brands, including

Access a Full Suite of Home Services Including Renovations and Moving on Singapore’s First One-Stop Property Solution Ohmyhome SINGAPORE, 14 August 2019 | Singapore’s First One-Stop Property Solution Ohmyhome announced the introduction of four new services on its PropTech platform today. The services include home renovation, moving, painting and handyman. With

Product Pioneers

By : Min Chen   Misway Tech Founder Sonic Chen isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Self-confessed “cutting-edge gadgets addicts,” he and his team have developed a range of products that use AI and machine learning to provide real-time translation.    Their products include the Smark M1 Modular Translator (bottom left), Smark

Nuclear power plant with yellow field and big blue clouds.

By : Ben Britton   Dissecting the development of nuclear technology    As our world develops, our thirst for energy increases. The freedom afforded by low-cost, ‘always on’ electricity enables society to progress. In this paradigm, nuclear power continues to help us attain more freedom by generating significant quantities of low carbon electricity. Each

The global Information Technology service provider Zaptech Solutions, has proudly launched the first AI-powered Do-It-Yourself e-Commerce platform – Builderfly on 1st August 2019. The innovative idea of developing an all-in-one E-commerce platform sprouts from Mr. Hemant Kumar – the Founder and Ceo of Builderfly with the mission to aid businesses to

Product Review: Icicle Straw

By : Khadija Azhar   While I’m painfully aware of how my copious intake of iced tea contributes to the nine million tons of plastic waste that hits our oceans annually, I’ve found it difficult to make the switch to reusable straws. After vigorously cleaning glass straws with pipe cleaners only to

Chapter 03: Design Patterns

How A Landing Page Can Obtain (and Retain) Visitors’ Attention   By : Felix Wong   To create a useful landing page, it needs to be more than just visually appealing. This article will discuss why it’s important to focus on the way in which people read, scan, and interpret web pages, and how

The Future of Auto is Here

How technology is transforming the car ownership experience   By Manit Goghar    Cars have gone beyond just being a necessity and convenience. In many societies, they’ve become vital status symbols. Owning a car is an aspiration of every generation. But there are gripes related to car ownership: annual depreciation, insurance premiums, maintenance, as

TAIPEI, August 12 - CellWine, a Taiwan-based wine app has recently partnered with Taiwan Startup Stadium to hold its very first “Investor Wine Tasting” event on July 31th, seeking to gauge interest from local and international investors as well as educate attendees on the intricacies of wine and wine tasting.

Golden Frog, a global provider of online security and privacy solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Version 2.16.4 of its industry leading virtual private networking software. The new version sports a slew of minor updates to improve performance and fix bugs to make your online experiences more secure

Golden Frog presents an all-new VyprVPN for Mac. Version 3.0 sports a new look and several new features, including more intuitive server selection to make connecting ton your favorite VPN server quicker and easier. It also allows users to choose a new server location without having to disconnect first, and

22nd July 2019 Ahmedabad: AppJetty is an apps and extension store for leading eCommerce platforms like Magento, Odoo and CRMs like Sugar, Suite, Salesforce, etc. Their work in enhancing Magento eCommerce stores with extensions is remarkable. Their latest product is Australia MyPost Shipping Extension; an addition in their Australia Post

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

By : Anita Chan   Based in Malawi, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind revolves around William Kamkwamba–an intelligent and curious young man who is passionate about his studies. He is from a family of farmers and works hard to complete his education, despite his family’s difficulties in affording his tuition fees.

By Felix Wong Creating a high converting landing page takes more than just aesthetic and design. Without a good user interface, your landing page will be hard to use, but more importantly, will not deliver the right user experience for significant success. User Discovery and Competitor Research are two essential processes

Software startups have grown in number intensively for the past few years compared to hardware startups. There’s no easy way to scale a SaaS company. It takes time, patience, some mistakes and resolve.   Alex and Hacker, CEO and CTO respectively of 25sprout, built the company in 2012 offering enterprise Digital Consulting

Inspiring Youth Leaders 

By : Min Chen   It’s one thing to found a startup while still in high school, but another to be able to scale it into a meaningful and sustainable business. At only 14 years of age, Brisbane-based Scott Millar founded his first company selling hashtag keyrings. By 15, he was selling