Blockchain Storage Revolutionist Lambda Surpasses FileCoin Unveiling First Open-Source PoST Algorithm Available To Developers On GitHub

Lambda releases transparent PoST with fast verification time, streamlined proofs and optimized repetition computation

Singapore, 2018 – Lambda, the leading decentralized infrastructure project providing innovative unlimited and scalable data storage capabilities on the blockchain, today announced its groundbreaking open-source Proof-of-Space-Time (PoST) protocol is the first available to developers worldwide on GitHub, the world’s leading software development platform.

Proof-of-Space-Time is a protocol between a storage provider and a verifier, where the storage provider tells the verifier that a specific file has been stored for a specific amount of time. Storage providers must generate valid Proofs-of-Storage with specific properties in order to be rewarded for storing data.

Lambda’s PoST algorithm utilizes validator nodes and its roles differently to streamline project development by creating continuous and random challenges on the chain.

“The PoST algorithm is a testament to our ingenuity and dedication to the Lambda project as our team of expert computer scientists utilize top technology innovations to continually improve data integrity proof processing on the blockchain,” said Lucy Wang, co-founder and CMO of Lambda. “We are proud to have developed and now share the first-ever open source PoST algorithm with the developer community on GitHub and look forward to creating new ideas and research for distributed blockchain storage in the future.”

Developers can access and download Lambda’s open-source PoST algorithm available on GitHub here. For additional background information on the research and development process of Lambda’s algorithm, please read the technical article here.

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