BIMAIO Launches in Hong Kong: Beautify Your Skin with Spanish Skincare 

Founded on the belief that every woman has the freedom to express their unique sense of beauty, Spanish cosmeceutical skincare brand BIMAIO is committed to democratizing affordable and quality luxury beauty. Not every effective ingredient is costly to formulate – through extensive research and development, BIMAIO, creates effective and innovative formulas, making high quality skincare products available for all.

Launching the beginning of January, BIMAIO will be coming to the Hong Kong market to meet its beauty fans through their e-commerce store at Shoppers will be able to receive a professional skincare consultation catered to their needs but also find out about best practices for daily skin routine as well as engage with a wider community of beauty lovers sharing individual tips and experience of using BIMAIO products!

Highly Effective, Affordable Pharmaceutical Products from Spain

Alain Ganancia, founder of Amifar Laboratorios was born in Paris, France and, fueled by his passion to help women solve their skin problems, uncovered the secret to beautiful skin. Driven by this pursuit, Alain founded Alain Cosmetics, which then became Amifar Laboratorios in the 1970s, in Granada, Spain, giving birth to BIMAIO, Sisbela, BellaCare and other famous skincare brands in Spain.

BIMAIO’s President, Carlos Fuentes has successfully turned Amifar group into one of the most successful cosmeceutical companies in Spain with 7 skincare brands successfully operating in 2,500 pharmacies, 500 beauty retailers and high-end beauty spas across 16 countries. Advocated and loved by many, the products draw their inspiration from the Andalusian region. Ranging from potent cosmeceuticals to exotic plant extracts to nourishing oils, for the most glorifying effect on the skin, only the very best ingredients are sourced. BIMAIO has successfully carved a niche in the skincare market and will continue to do so with a presence now in Asia.

Cosmeceuticals currently only make up about 20% of China’s skincare market, whereas in Spain, BIMAIO’s native land, that number is 50-60%. The group sees immense market growth potential in Asia. As Mr. Fuentes said, “Asian, especially Hong Kong consumers, put a lot of emphasis on the ingredients and quality of the product they buy, the age group of cosmeceuticals here is very low compared with Europe. Here is a chance for BIMAIO to cater to this need.”

The Skincare Collection – Elegant Allure. Enchanting Glow. Effective Ingredients.

Originating from the belief that every woman has the freedom to express their unique sense of beauty, BIMAIO, is committed to democratizing affordable and quality luxury beauty. All products are filled with active ingredients designed to invigorate and fuel the skin. The secret of BIMAIO products is its use of high concentration of high-quality active ingredients to achieve womens’ pursuit of healthy, energetic and beautiful skin, advocating the beauty of self-confidence!

BIMAIO caters to all women who want to look and feel beautiful inside and out. The collection is parabens free and contains powerful active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Rosehip oil and Vitamin E to help target specific skin concerns and achieve a smoother, more hydrated and luminous skin. The versatile series of skincare products are also suited for the women in Asia, containing ingredients that combat pollution, humidity, UV rays and several other common environmental aggressors that damage skin.

BIMAIO Signature Products

EGF Multiactive Night Cream (HK$470): Our EGF Multiactive Night Cream is conceptualized to help maximize the process of skin regeneration during your sleep.

EGF and Stem Cells (HK$470): Helps the skin to maintain its properties and its ability to build new tissues. It allows damaged and/or aged cells to regain their activity, thus delaying aging.

EGF Active Serum (HK$470): Ideal to use as a makeup primer. Formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients. Our serum is parabens free and has a non-allergenic perfume.

Bright & White Face Cream (HK$275): Our Bright & White Face Cream diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and leaves the skin with a luminous glow.

Bright & White Serum Intensive Whitening (HK$298): Our anti-stain serum contains sun filters and a high concentration of ingredients such as botanical extracts from orange and lemon.

Bright & White Body Cream (HK$267): Our Bright & White body cream combines good-for-you ingredients to lock in moisture and keep your skin supple.

Reader Offer

All first-time purchasers will be a given 15% discount and free-shipping within Hong Kong for orders over HK$200. Repeat shoppers will further receive an exclusive 10% off their second purchase for orders over HK$200. Products will be available online starting from January 2020. Learn more about BIMAIO and the rest of the collection and discover the Spanish secret to beautiful skin at

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