Interview with Bevel, world’s first smartphone attachment for capturing real 3D photographs.

Bevel 3D Kickstarter
The first accessory of its kind, Bevel turns your ordinary smartphone or tablet into an amazing 3D camera.

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Tell us how Bevel came about, what inspired it?

We as a society are at a pivotal point with technology. Matter and Form is just a small company, but we’re all about 3D. So we had to figure, how does someone so small like us make a change in the world. It’s by using the everyday devices, and opening them to make them powerful. Cell phones are those devices, and with them we can give 3d to the world. That’s how bevel came to be.

What can you do with Bevel’s Genuine 3D™ photos?

With the Bevel app you can do everything you do with ordinary photos. Post your 3D pictures on facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter or any social network. Use the Bevel app to share directly to friends or upload and share them online with a link. Save them and even use them for animation, video game design and 3D printing.

How did you design and manufacture Bevel?

It was important to me that Bevel be compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablets, so I began with the one element common to each, the headphone jack, and designed out from there. I tried to keep the design as simple and elegant as possible and I was very careful about materials and components because ensuring that the Bevel is affordable was also crucial for me. As for making the Bevels, we haven’t actually manufactured them yet, but we’re just about to dive into production and fulfillment, so we’re looking forward to that.

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Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign. 

Launching a crowd funding campaign is a pretty intense experience and takes weeks of preparation. It’s really a lot more than I think people expect. And then you hand it over to Kickstarter to review and hope they accept it.

When we submitted our campaign for review we got nothing but radio silence for the 24 hours. We had already told everyone we were launching on a certain day and when we didn’t hear back from Kickstarter we got nervous that we’d have to push the date. It was kind of funny, frantically asking for help from customer support and not being able to get ahold of anyone. It was a bit of a mad dash, but we pulled it together and launched on time.

How did you create the video for your Kickstarter campaign? 

My entire team took a stab at writing a script for our campaign video. We sat down and read them together and talked about what we liked and what we didn’t like about each. I have to say, writing as a team really worked well for us. I’d recommend it.

Can you share tips for those considering crowdfunding their project? What are some keys to making the campaign successful?

Tell everyone you know and tell them early, that way you can launch your campaign with a bang. The organic buzz you create just through your own networks is absolutely crucial to your success. Never underestimate the power of social media.

What’s the most challenging part of creating/running a Kickstarter?

Kickstarter doesn’t sleep and for the first little while, neither do you. The rush you get when you launch is pretty incredible and you can’t help but monitor everything around the clock, which means life outside of your Kickstarter can get put on hold.

Did you consider or use other crowdfunding platforms?

Our company is actually the result of a successful Indiegogo campaign for our desktop 3D scanner. I have to say, Indiegogo has absolutely awesome support. They really get involved and have always worked really closely with us, they’re just so supportive and the tools they offer on their site are the most advanced I’ve seen. They’ve just been really great to us.

How did this campaign compare to the first one you ran last year?

Well, I would say that Indiegogo set the bar really high as far as expectations go, so we went into our Kickstarter with really high hopes. I think having done it before we knew how to prepare for launch, how to manage our campaign and to engage our backers. I think that made a big difference.

What’s next for Bevel?

Well, we’re gong straight into production and hoping to ship out or first units in early 2016.

You can pre-order Bevel here.

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