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Recently The Crafties has a new creative member. It is a sewing and embroidery machine – Bernina 580
Bernina 580Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.27.30 amBernina 580Bernina 580




You will ask “how special could a sewing machine be?”, and we will tell you that not only can you sew with this wonderfully build Swiss brand machine, it also has a built in embroidery mode which gives you 100 designs to use at your finger tip (design free).

Yet the ultimate reason for The Crafties to love this machine and even write about it is, with its DesignerPlus software, artists and designers like yourself could create your own motifs and embroider on anything! Doesn’t it sound like the handiest equipment that you can start your own business with?

With DesignerPlus software, you can draw any motifs, until you are happy about the way it looks on the software, you can then let the Bernina Machine does the embroidery job on any garment, leather or even thin PVC!

The possibilities with this machine are limitless. Just imagine your own brand of garment products, quilted blankets, clothes, tote bags, pillow cases — and being able to do customization for your clients by embroidering their initiate on their products? You can even start a business designing logos and premium products marketing purposes.

To celebrate Bernina’s arrival at The Crafties, we welcome artisans, designers, and entrepreneur to play with the machine and share your work with our followers. It could be the best opportunity for you to promote your talent. Please contact info@thecrafties.hk for more information.




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