Apple Pay launches in Hong Kong

Apple Pay launched in Hong Kong this July becoming the 9th major market to offer this service (some 2 years after it was first launched in US). In a remarkably successful debut they were quickly embraced by major banks, apps and retailers. So what is it, how does it work, and how will it impact your business?
What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. It enables users to make payments with your iPhone 6, Apple Watch iOS 8.1, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 3 devices. At a retail shop, you can make a payment at any contactless payment device (similar to those you have seen at 7-11 that accept Octopus). You can also use Apple Pay to pay within iOS applications.

Using Apple Pay as a consumer

In retail shops. You can start making Apple payments at these retailers in Hong Kong: 7-11, Apita, Apple Store, Arome, Colourmix, Fortress, Fusion, Genki Sushi, Gourmet, Great Food Hall, International, Jasons, KFC, Lane Crawford, Mannings, Marketplace, Maxim’s Cakes, Maxims MX, McDonalds, MX, Oliver’s, Pacific Coffee, ParkNShop, Pizza Hut, Sasa, Sincere, Starbucks, Taste, ThreeSixty, Uny Apita, Urban, Uselect, Vango, Vanguard, Watson’s Wine, Watsons, and Wellcome. Here’s a full list

Within iOS Apps. You can make payments within iOS apps with companies including Kickstarter, Food Panda, Cathay Pacific, Deliveroo, Casetify and many others.

Apple Pay DevicesHow can a retailer sign-up for Apple Pay?

To accept Apple Pay in your shop, you need to have a contactless payment-capable point of sale terminal. To learn more, contact merchant support.

How can I accept Apple Pay on my mobile app?

If you have your own iOS app or you’re developing one, you can include support for Apple Pay. To enable Apple Pay in your mobile app, head over to the guidelines here.

Apple Pay is coming to the web!

This year, Apple Pay is coming to the web with Safari on both macOS and iOS. You’ll be able to experience the convenience and security of Apple Pay in your store, in your app, and on your website. More info.


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