An Interview with a hassle-free DIY mobile app builder is the first in Hong Kong to offer a DIY mobile app builder that allows you to conveniently connect with your customers in this mobile-first era. Now, you won’t have to resort to costly app developers who keep you waiting for months!
What inspired you to start
We started because we saw the high demand for branded mobile apps, which are crucial for businesses to engage consumers, improve efficiency and drive growth. On average, building an app costs $200,000 and takes about 4 months. Numerous SMEs we met have expressed their difficulties in developing apps due to the high cost and their lack of technical knowledge. They also worry about potential maintenance and updating fees. However on the supply side, there aren’t enough skilled mobile app developers to support the demand for apps, so we wanted to make a highly extensible, self-service mobile app builder to help SMEs.

What does do and how can we use it?, a Hong Kong-based SaaS, is a first-of-its-kind App Builder in Hong Kong that is highly extensible to diverse features and devices, including AR smart glasses. Users with no coding skills can create branded apps at a low cost in a short time, either from scratch or by converting their existing WordPress sites to native apps. Our drag-and-drop interface is really easy to use and clients can DIY their branded Android and iOS apps, customized for their own needs.

Given the many DIY app-writing programmes, how does stand out?
We differentiate ourselves by our high extensibility to diverse features, as well as devices such as AR smart glasses. Most mobile apps are not only costly to build, many are hardly extensible or upgradable without rebuilding by developers. The unique programming system we developed at requires only minimal additional resources to add new features to the app or even extend the service to other devices, for instance, smart glasses for AR features.

Our extensibility doesn’t just lie on ordinary features like customized forms & multiple user roles. Our team constantly looks out for upcoming trends and develop new functions that we think our clients would need, such as app usage on wearable devices, smart TVs and kiosks.

We’ve dealt with lots of SMEs and we truly understand their difficulties and needs. We believe user experience is as important as functionality of apps. Our CEO, Developer and UX Designer comes from a design background before he did programming. Our interfaces on app templates and administrative panels are built with aesthetic sense and thoughtfully designed to be easy to navigate.

What’s more is that we have no hidden charges or unforeseeable expenses. We give clients full access to our available functions and services as well as a 14-day free trial and 14-day guaranteed refund so that clients are sure what they’re paying for.

What is the biggest challenge in creating and growing
Our greatest challenge was to gain trust from our first batch of clients. Especially for a B2B, clients are cautious to choose a credible service provider to ensure the end product is of high quality or otherwise it would damage their brand image.

Moreover, we’ve been making huge efforts to introduce SaaS and the self-service app builder to SMEs in Hong Kong. As the concepts are relatively new, we’ll be arranging face-to-face meetings with our clients to convince them to try our product.

Anything exciting that we could look forward to?
Our Beta version, a fully automated app building platform, is going to be launched by the end of August. Also, we’re partnering with communities to offer talks to grow our target customers. We expect to multiply our number of clients in months and see a drastic growth very soon.

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