Jumpstart is available at over 1,500 locations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, China, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Manila, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Silicon Valley.

Launched in 2014, Jumpstart is Hong Kong’s first print publication geared to startups and small businesses. In the past three years, Jumpstart has grown to become a well-known brand in Asia’s rapidly expanding startup community. We cover topics like crowdfunding, manufacturing, design, FinTech, AI, robotics, IoT, lifestyle and more.

Each issue is themed and has in-depth coverage plus interviews, upcoming events, best practices and ideas to inspire innovation and growth. In addition to our print and online publication, we offer a wide range of free services including press release submission, online directory listing, event sharing via our calendar, and more.


Jumpstart is FREE and available at over 1,500 venues in Hong Kong, China, SE Asia and Australia. You can find copies at most coworking spaces, chambers of commerce, private clubs, airport lounges, universities, coffee shops, marketing / PR agencies, VC firms, hotels and numerous other locations. We also have personal subscribers receiving copies worldwide. You can subscribe here for a personal copy to be delivered anywhere in the world.


Jumpstart offers a slew of features and services to help startups, and you can find them all on our resources page.

Jumpstart Kids

In an effort to inspire entrepreneurship in younger audience, in 2016, we launched Jumpstartkids.hk, a startup bootcamp for kids ages 8-12.

What people say about Jumpstart

“Just to say a quick Thank you! With the cover of Jumpstart Magazine, our DIY event is already full. Also several local media approached for interview. So really thank you for making a real help to startups in HK!” — Karbi Chan, Archiparti

“I LOVED this issue [Issue 8 | October / November 2015] of the magazine! This issue makes me want to try and find some classes now that I know there are some here on HK island!” — Brainchild, MakerSpace

“Really love what you are doing and have been a loyal follower for quite some time. Especially your tips are awesome!” — Dr. Julian Hosp, JulianHospCoaching

“Fantastic magazine, great content and lots of useful information! Great to have such a resource in Hong Kong.” — Christine Dormier, founder of momcooperative.com

 “At Steel Available, we really enjoy reading Jumpstart magazine and we especially found the 50 productivity tools from last month so useful that we adopted a lot of them!” — Francesco Grillo @steelavailable.com

“Your online & print magazine are incredible resources for the entrepreneurial community.” — Sarah Garner, Retykle.com

“Your magazine is brilliant! I just found out about Jumpstart HK through a Sassy email featuring FEW Organization. I must say I wish this was available to me 7 years ago, I’ve been through an interesting and educational journey. I will read more and subscribe.” — Shyla Viju Motwani

Jumpstart at Events

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Jumpstart In the News

  • “Jumpstart Magazine’ is the Newest Print Publication in Town Covering Hong Kong Startups and Entrepreneurs” — StartupsHK.

  • “There’s something special about holding a print magazine, and that sentiment is not going away anytime soon.” — Hong Kong Trader.

  • “Started in May, 2014, Jumpstart is Hong Kong’s first publication dedicated to startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs” — InvestHK.

  • Speaking at Women Entrepreneurs World. Youtube.

  • “Same reason that I started a consulting company 5 years prior, I wanted to wake up and be excited about what I’m doing.” – AJournal.

  • “Work-life balance is incredibly challenging for any working parents and perhaps even more so for entrepreneurs with young children.” — LeisureGazette.

  • “Don’t compromise on what you believe in. One thing that was a concern for me in going into print is the environmental impact of it. I solved the problem by using FSC-certified paper.” — InspireMeWith.

  • “这本杂志的内容设置也足够精巧,大多数稿件来自各地创业圈人士的供稿,小部分是对本地创业者的访谈,也就是说在她本人内容撰写上无需投入过多精力。此外还有志愿的协调者等等在帮助促成每期的发行。” — Jianshu.

    • English Translation: “The content of this magazine is also very well-designed — While entrepreneurs across the globe contribute the most of it, there are also interviews with local entrepreneurs. Besides, volunteer coordinators and others are facilitating the release of each issue.”

  • “When it comes to entrepreneurship, there’s way less of a glass ceiling than there is in corporations. If you have the passion and expertise, there’s nearly nothing stopping you from succeeding (at least in developed countries). However for mom-entrepreneurs, particularly with young kids, one big challenge that remains is that they are typically the primary child-caretakers in early years due to a whole host of reasons.” — FolkloreHK.

  • “HK’s first print magazine covering the startup scene.” — “Women in Startups  – 50+ of Hong Kong’s finest!” Team Sassy, Sassy Hong Kong.