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The first online wine membership in Hong Kong to guarantee “always a new wine bottle” and “always offering a higher value”.

5 July 2016, Hong Kong – Luibao, offers the chance to Hong Kong wine lovers for discovering new wines every month, together with tasting notes and further information to boost their knowledge. Luibao’s team embraces this mission with great passion for quality food and beverage, and willingness to share this with their members.

Not only a wine club for wine discovers

Do you ever feel confused in front of wine shelves? Do you ever feel bored and empty in mind when you need to pick up a bottle or two for home dinner with friends? 


Luibao’s team explores quality red and white wines from small vineyards around the world. A professional group of wine experts and sommeliers volunteer to verify and select the wines for Luibao. Each bottle is unique, boutique and rare in Hong Kong, and quality is guaranteed for the maximum enjoyment.

Luibao’s members get every month a new wine bottle with a full set of digital information. Delivery can be arranged to home or office locations all over Hong Kong. The membership has a monthly charge, with flexible opt-out action for the members on their account page.

Luibao aims to provide the easiest option to wine-lovers in Hong Kong for trying a new bottle of wine every month and gradually growing their knowledge towards different groups of wine. All wines are then made available for further orders to Luibao’s members that want to build a private cellar with their favourite discoveries.

It is a winestyle nowadays!

By trying and learning about new wines, Luibao’s website and social medias are all open to members’ sharing and feedback which it is aimed to be a wine-lover community online to explore more together.

Red Wine and White Wine memberships are now available in website:



About Luibao

Luibao is the membership service in Hong Kong that enriches your food and drink experience every month. We enable you to discover new flavours, explore new products, try specialty items, and share your experience with a like-minded community. We launched Red Wine membership in the end of April this year, and White Wine membership followed the step one month after as a response to the people asking for refreshing wines in the summer. Together with our wine membership service, we are also proud of our “Value Guarantee” for a common goal to offer a higher value to our members. For more details, please visit www.luibao.com.

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