9AMConsulting is a Hong Kong and New York-based company helping small businesses, startups and non-profits launch and optimize their business. Their services include consulting on and implementing the overall online and offline marketing strategy, search engine optimization, paid search, monetization, social media, e-mail marketing, web/print design and simple and quick website launches.




9AMConsulting offers a wide range of services, including:

Search Engine Optimization: Whether your website has 5 or  10,000 products, knowing how to optimize your website for search engines is key for the success of your business. 9AM works with companies of all sizes to implement an SEO strategy. In the process, your team will be well versed on what to do (as well as what not to do), how to do linkbuilding, which SEO tools to use, and all the basic to advanced topics you need to know to rank well on Google and other engines.

Affiliate Marketing: Although Affiliate Marketing is still quite new in Hong Kong, it’s already a large chunk of overall business in US and Europe. 9AM can help you set-up and manage your affiliate program in Asia or to target US/European customers.  Previous experience includes 10+ years of affiliate management experience with well-known brands including iTunes, Godiva, Links of London, and many others.

Paid Search on Google: 9AM will set-up or manage your existing AdWords account. We can manage small to medium campaigns, write ad copy, do A/B testing etc.

Email Marketing: Reach your customers with a well-designed and well-written email newsletter. 9AM will help with the whole process from soup to nuts and ensure your e-mail is compelling to your consumers.

Website Development: 9AM specializes in simple html websites that can be launched within a week or a few days – using plain HTML or WordPress/Wix. The layout will be clean, easy to read and the site will be optimize for SEO.

Print/Web Design: 9AM will create compelling banner ads, brochures, marketing and print materials, and backdrops for events.


9AMConsulting has been in business for over 5 years, some of our past/current clients include:

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