Incu-Lab (

Location: Unit 2102, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Around, previously known as, around is an app with an aim of building a strong community be it finding a local handyman or sharing resources. (

HKGoodJobsis a social media recruitment platform. It provides information for job seekers and analyzes the hot topics of job market. (

OurTV aspires to become a citizen-owned and community-based open platform for online video media. It provides information about the diversity and exclusive topics of various communities. (

Power of Narrative is a non-profit that promotes community art and services to reflect authentic lives of the underprivileged and enhance cross-sector understanding. (

Engage Without Barrier enables cultural appreciation through tours. (

HOME WORKS is a lifestyle concept store that aspires to bring new perspective to life by designing unique products for sharing ideas. (

Lucidity 8 is working on a new type of branding, design and product development. It combines innovative design and branding with community concerns and neighborhood elements in order to create a realm of lucidity and transparency in our community.