4 Interesting Startups at RISE Conference Day 2

On the second day of RISE we were once again on a mission to find interesting startups. The first place we looked were the booths (most were different from those on day one) however we found an overwhelming number of “me too” startups. So instead we used the RISE app and random meetings to discover these. Here is our list of favorite startups from day 2 of RISE.
Neebo. Wearable devices are still not quite there in terms of adoption. One reason is many don’t solve a big enough problem that’s worth the hassle of wearing a device. In case of Neebo – a wearable device that tracks baby’s vitals – they’re solving a question that’s critical to every new parent which is “is my kid breathing?” Neebo is manufactured by a team of engineers in Czech republic and will be available on Kickstarter in coming months. If they deliver on their promise, this could be one device that sticks around beyond the hype.

thebolt.club. Although we didn’t stop by their booth (what’s so remarkable about a motorcycle charger?) upon speaking with the Bolt team during mentor hours, we realized that they are on to something brilliant. While there are a number of phone chargers on the market (and even specifically motorbike chargers), what sets them apart is a community they built around their product. Their “Bolt Riders” app is Facebook meets Foursquare for biker community. You’ll find riders stats, itineraries, photos,  “help” functionality and nice visuals from others in the biker community. From the looks of it, the app is already used by many. Motorbikes have taken over many cities around Asia, so this is one startup to watch as they expand.

dokiWatch is another wearable aimed at every parent’s need to know if their child is ok. Created for 6 to 12-year-olds and their worried parents, dokiWatch uses a combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi technology to allow parents to accurately track their child’s location directly from their Doki app. It has voice, text and video calling features.

Heartisans is another wearable that caught our attention. They are currently in the process of testing their medical-quality heart-health wearable that promises to give the wearer an advanced notice of a cardiac arrest. With heart attacks being the leading cause of natural death around the world, this product may just become a must-have device. With dokiWatch on one hand and heartisans on another, you may just have all your bases covered.

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